Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Living room ceiling ideas

LIVING ROOM CEILING IDEAS – When we are planning a living room, the least we think about is the ceiling. People will look at furniture, walls, small displays, and ornaments, but the ceiling? We tend to keep it that clear.

Indeed, ceiling modeling can open up space for further embellishment of your living room. There are some ceiling concepts that add strength to the area. Some ceiling materials create a warm shade while others make the room more comfortable.

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High living room ceiling

High living room ceiling.  Source:

The high living room ceiling offers more space for ventilation. More air can get into a living room so that the area feels relieved. When you combine a high living room ceiling with large windows, as shown here, the space is more spacious.

In addition, there is the high wooden ceiling in the living room for the natural element. All in all, it is getting warmer and cooler in the living room. A traditional or modern high living room ceiling applies. You can leave the high ceiling smooth or add small patterns.

Decide on the entire living room concept.

Low living room ceiling

Low living room ceiling

Unlike a high-ceiling model, the second peak has a low living room ceiling. Regardless of the ceiling material, this style creates a small space between the ceiling and the room furniture. The area feels homely from this picture.

Better to combine the low ceiling with large windows to bring more natural light into the area. With limited space, the room appears relieved and spacious. With the low ceiling model, you don’t have to worry about air circulation.

Living room with a simple ceiling

Living room with a simple ceiling

High or low, the third tip we’re focusing more on the versatile functions that a simple ceiling can play in a living room. The smooth ceiling itself refers to a ceiling with neutral colors, usually white, with no twists or curves. This ceiling model remains popular in many living spaces.

Although it seems normal, the ceiling model can accommodate different looks in the living room. From rustic to modern, rely on the ceiling design to activate the balance mode. And of course, this ceiling model is affordable and easy to use.

This makes the ceiling concept easy to maintain and clean.

Living room with beamed ceiling

Living room with beamed ceiling

The fourth of our general living room ceiling ideas invites you to add beams to make the area look stylish. As the picture shows, the living room looks tighter and more elegant despite some beams on the ceiling.

Usually the beams for the living room are made of wood, but you can try other materials. There are many beams for ceiling modeling that will suit your preferences. You can choose some beams that are properly arranged in the ceiling (see here).

Otherwise, you can provide many smaller beams to make the spot appear more alive.

Living room with ceiling paneling

Living room with ceiling paneling.  Source:

The fifth idea brings elegance and luxury elements to your living room. We believe the extra money you are going to spend creating this ceiling model will be well worth it. As can be seen in the picture, the ceiling type additionally enhances the spot ambience.

The cladding indicates which part of the living room is the focus. There is also a decorative, beautiful pendant lamp, which above all is gaining in importance. Usually the ceiling type is suitable for a modern house with a lot of space for the area.

Living room with wooden ceiling

Living room with wooden ceiling

Wood-based materials for every part of a house undeniably create a cool and warm ambience. You can apply this general theory to the ceiling of your living room. And if necessary, get a wooden ceiling for optimal cooling.

As the picture shows, complete wooden walls of the area with a wooden ceiling. Polish then arranged the logs correctly, creating a very neat arrangement, as seen here.

Complete the order with some large and sturdy logs to support the overall ceiling. Make sure you use teak or other types of wood that can last a long time.

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Living room with false ceiling

Living room with false ceiling

Consult with professionals to create this type of ceiling. Wooden or not, you can lower the ceiling of a living room to add lighting, chandeliers, or even a projector as seen in the picture. If you are using a wooden ceiling, use some large logs as a false ceiling.

Hang up the room accessories you want there. The suspended ceiling offers the alternative of hanging up necessary utensils and beautifying the living room. This ceiling model makes the living room look great and beautiful.

It is better to imagine what elements you want to hang before deciding on a material for the suspended ceiling.

Painted living room ceiling

Painted living room ceiling.  Source: Pinterest

One of our living room ceiling ideas encourages you to get bold. With that in mind, paint the ceiling of your living room a certain color that goes with the overall look like this one. The strong purple goes well with the purple seating with white walls in the living room.

You can try painting other colors for the ceiling. Don’t hesitate to use bold and eye-catching colors like red or green. Surely a living room in this color mode will be a lot.

Living room with white wooden ceiling

Living room with white wooden ceiling

The next idea is pretty unusual, but it does result in that soft and comfortable living room feel. Choose a white wooden plank ceiling that matches the overall white appearance of the surroundings.

With a window pane and glass door, the area becomes even more relieved and spacious. Such a lovely place to relax and rest.

Living room molding ceiling

Living room ceiling

The last idea is one of the most popular ceiling models in homes today. The neatly cut and neat ceiling molding in the living room, especially white like here, offers space for different living styles.

From the country house to the modern living room, the design suits everyone. Don’t confuse this style with the slim ceiling. The shaped ceiling is more like a solid ceiling installation, which is usually made of concrete. On the other hand, the smooth ceiling opens up to other materials.

The Shape model completes our list of living room ceiling ideas for you. Hopefully you will get more options on how and how to apply the ceiling style for your living room.

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