Art Deco bathroom

Art Deco bathroom

Art Deco is a style of visual art, architecture and design that emerged in France just before World War I. He combined modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. It was heavily influenced by the bold geometric shapes of Cubism. Bold, modern, geometric and very sophisticated – this style is what we all love! If you want to decorate some rooms in this style but don’t know how, I have some ideas for you. Today we are going to talk about art deco bathrooms. Let me show you how to decorate one.


Marble is a timeless idea for any bathroom, and an art deco bathroom looks very exquisite with any type of marble – white, gray or black – both on the floor and on the walls. For tiles, choose glossy: black, white, navy, emerald or any other color you like. Black and white are the most popular colors for decorating art deco rooms and creating different geometric patterns from them is a chic idea. Subway tiles are also welcome, they look super cool and are inexpensive. Also, these tiles have now made a big comeback. If you don’t feel that way and want something a little more striking, choose wallpaper with an art deco print, but remember that it should be able to withstand the humidity levels common in bathrooms.


Your bathroom vanity will help highlight your art deco style. It can be a stunning black and brass vanity, a double or single vanity, or a gorgeous black vanity with a geometric brass inlay, or maybe a marble vanity – just a marble slab is enough to make the bathroom look amazing. Various geometric details are welcome, rocking a matching mirror. Sunburst mirrors are also amazing in 1920s style. Brass and copper are welcome for decorating and you can also use various fittings in these metals to tie the parts of the bathroom.

A touch of glamour

Art deco style means glamor and you need to add it to the room. It can be a beautiful crystal chandelier, metallic accents – silver, brass, copper, lots of glasses and mirrors. Refined lamps and vintage gilded frames for mirrors are welcome for your art deco space. Rock geometric stools in metallic hues and maybe exquisite geo rugs and curtains if there’s a window.

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