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Cottage Living Room Ideas

Cottage Living Room Ideas

Cottage living room ideas

COTTAGE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – A cottage refers to a small house that stands firmly near a lake or beach. Therefore, a cottage is usually outside of a large city. During the holiday season, people usually use a vacation home as a retreat.

This article will teach you how to have living room in a cottage even though you only have one house in one town. This interior design offers a great alternative thanks to the serenity any cottage living room wants to provide.

All-Nature Cottage Living Room

All-Nature Cottage Living Room

We start our cottage living room ideas with our ideal cottage space. This area is suitable, for example, for a real house for whole family members during the school holidays. Get the all-in-one concept for the region.

This refers to a minimalist establishment to allow for comprehensive purposes. As this area suggests, you have the sectional sofa that closes into a dining area and mini kitchen. Apply wood floors, ceilings, and chairs for a natural feel.

Choose large windows or windows for interior viewing. The concept offers you an optimal view of the landscape with fresh air and light.

Ideas for a Wealthy Cottage Living Room

Ideas for a Wealthy Cottage Living Room.
Source: markdsikes.com

Our next cottage living room ideas are beach or ocean themes. This subtopic is particularly suitable for those of you who want to invite other family members or friends to vacation together.

As such, create an affluent ambience as seen in this picture. Use a large space for a living room, dining room, and lounge. Choose shades of blue and white for the decor. There are also seagrass chairs or baskets that are strongly associated with the coastal ambience.

Complete the main element with patterned curtains or carpets. Adults and young children can enjoy the atmosphere of the room and the beach outside.

Relaxed cottage living room

Relaxed cottage living room.
Source: trendhmdcr.com

Bring the holiday mood into your living room in a real holiday home, even if your house is not on a lake or a nearby beach. One of the recipes for this nuance is copying the interior design on the coast.

Decorate your small living space with beach-inspired furniture like the white long wooden table and the smaller desk. Complete a comfortable couch with blue pillows, plain or patterned, as the color is strongly reminiscent of the beach.

Finally, provide seashells, a seaweed basket and a coral picture as a beach decoration.

Simple living room in the cottage

Simple living room in the cottage
Source: shuttersouth.co.uk

Let’s say your living room shape looks like this. relatively small with curves. In this case, first choose a wooden window that matches the curves. If natural light falls in the area, you can turn off lights as an environmentally friendly measure.

Have a simple wooden table and TV stand for so little space. The choice of wood material “steals” what is normally the interior of the cottage living room. This brings comfort and warmth to the entire region.

Set up televisions and stoves for entertainment or home delivery.

Traditional country house living room

Traditional country house living room

In a large house, create a traditional living room like this one. From playing the piano to chatting with family, this space feels cozy and informal. This brings balance to the great look, which feels light on the outside.

You can use the space either as the main living room or as an additional living room. The thing is to choose wood materials for maximum warmth. The stove, the chair, the lamp desk and the open storage space convey the traditional flair.

Cover the wooden floor with a large gray rug, as shown here. Keep the area minimalist as is common in the traditional family area.

Vintage Cottage Living Room Ideas

Vintage Cottage Living Room Ideas
Source: woodoes.com

Our sixth of the entire cottage living room ideas combines a vintage look with cottage interiors. The two seem inextricably linked as the neutral color of the vintage model offers the comfort that cottage interiors lovers seek.

First, choose a gray sofa set with neutral pillows as shown in the picture. Choose a long wooden table, lamp table and armchair for a particularly classic tone. Loosen the bricks from part of the living room walls.

Hang up old clocks and shed fresh flowers as wall decorations. The little corner feels so cozy.

Rustic country house living room

Rustic country living room

The seventh idea not only brings warmth, but also a completely natural tone. Get the best quality out of the interior of the cottage by using wood materials. As the living room suggests, wood becomes the material for the flooring and furniture in the room.

Interestingly, the room adopts a unique design for the wooden tables. The beautiful yellow sofa is accompanied by the cute little seagrass armchair and the tiny basket as storage space. Minimal decorations make the area lighter.

Open space cottage style

Open space cottage style

You cannot rely on wooden materials or brown furniture. Choose gray and white as the dominant colors for a country style. As this room shows, a gray sectional sofa is combined with a long white lacquered wooden table.

Choose gray natural stone as the flooring for the room. Install large windows to let fresh air and light into the area. Complete the living space with fresh plants. Leave the remaining space free for the best sense of relief.

We usually want that on vacation. free and refreshed.

Exquisite cottage living room model

Exquisite cottage living room model

Turn your large living room into an exclusive and extravagant living room like this one. If your cottage faces the sea as shown here, choose a blue sofa that goes with the blue element.

Complete the seat with beach decorations on a wooden table. Do not put a partition wall between the living room and the adjoining dining area. Install the window pane so that you can see the landscape directly from the living room.

Stunning cottage living room

Stunning cottage living room

We leave you with this stunning country style living room. This wooden vacation home is probably best if you have a small home in a forest. Complete the living area of ​​the vacation home with a television and other entertainment equipment.

They will make sure that you don’t feel isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. Have nice chair and table design as seen here. Fill the space with seating for large family celebrations while on vacation.

Hang animal-inspired wall decorations for a total jungle tone. Don’t forget to stock up the mini kitchen fridge so you don’t have to leave the woods to go shopping.

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