Tranquil Japanese-inspired courtyard ideas

Japanese decor is not only known for its rich history and tradition, not only for its stunning minimalism and talent for showing beauty in simple things, but also for how amazing Japanese designers manage to blend modern home decor with nature. Check out these inspirational courtyards! Traditional Japanese gardens and courtyards mixed with a minimalist environment look surprisingly harmonious and relaxing. Moss, ponds and grass with a bamboo fountain seem to be a relaxing oasis in the minimalist homes. I’ve always been amazed at how such a piece of nature blends with modern design, and if you do, enjoy the examples below and design your own Japanese-inspired patio at home!


A Japanese garden is a peaceful place with no excessive elements, everything is perfectly balanced. Start with moss, which is easy, and mix and match with whatever grasses and foliage you like – don’t plant too many. You can also add a tree or some trees – very thin and small rocks typical of Japanese gardens. A tree is not a must. The more peaceful you want, the less you need a tree. Flowers are not popular in Japanese gardens. So you can skip them or go for a sakura tree if you like.

pebbles and rocks

You can’t go Japanese without pebbles and stones – they’re used a lot in Japanese landscaping. So grab gravel, pebbles and rocks – as big as you like and you’ve got a cool base for your Japanese patio. Create a path or rock, this is a popular element for a Japanese garden.

Traditional elements

Now add traditional elements: stone lanterns, stone water bowls and fountains with bamboo. Bamboo walls and low fences are also typical of Japanese rooms. Such decorations help to create mood and ambiance and make your courtyard look typically Japanese. You can skip these decorations if you want a minimalist courtyard, get inspired!

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