Minimalist bathtubs in White Corian Biblio by Antonio Lupi

Biblio is a range of rectangular white Corian bathtubs. Due to the simple shape and white color, all bathtubs look very minimalist. The line consists of all popular models: free-standing, built-in and semi-built-in. The main feature of the collection, in addition to the design, is that the bathtubs open to the front or to the right or left, open shelves of different dimensions, made of plywood. This makes tubs perfect for the serious bookworm or just people who like to have all the bathroom accessories close to their tub. True, there are Biblio models that should be placed on the floor so that they can relax even better. [Antonio Lupi]

Minimalist Bathtubs in White Corian - Biblio by Antonio Lupi.
Modern Furniture: Minimalist Bathtubs in White Corian - Biblio.
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