Personally, she shed ideas

Personally, she shed ideas

We’ve gotten used to seeing guest houses, kids’ playhouses, extra home offices, and pool houses in our backyards, but now there’s another hot trend every girl loves – a shed! A shed is the equivalent of a man cave, and more and more girls are creating such shelters to rest and enjoy seclusion. It could be an old shed renovation or one built for you and you can decorate it any way you like, your favorite styles and colors. Let’s look at some inspirational ideas and I’m sure you’ll be rushing to make your own!


When you need a good break, create a bedroom in your shed. Decorate it somehow peacefully: in neutral colors, with cozy textiles, chic textures and maybe with shabby chic and glamorous touches. Add a hanging chair, sofa, area rugs and a cool chandelier to make this space a peaceful and girly oasis. A shed is almost outside – just open the windows and doors – and what’s better than sleeping outside?

living room

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine, read a book or surf the internet from your table, decorate and furnish your shed as a living room. Put in some comfortable chairs and a sofa, a coffee table and some bookshelves to keep the room in the style and colors you want. The most popular styles are rustic, shabby chic, seaside, modern and boho.

home offices and studios

To work from home? Create a home office in your shed, make it glamorous, inspirational and chic! Nothing and nobody prevents you from working here and you can concentrate and be creative. If you have some hobbies and want to practice them, make a studio in your shed. It could be a sewing room, an art studio or something else – whatever type of activity you prefer. Get inspired!