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Every home needs a closet; It can be a small walk-in room, a tiny attic, or a makeshift closet right in your bedroom. Everything here depends on your money, space and decor. Each option has its own pros and cons. If you are unsure of what to do and where to place the closet in your home, I would like to offer you some examples that you can try.

Walk-in closets

A closet can be walk-in if you have enough space for it. Style it in any style you like, from luxurious and glamorous to modern and whimsical. Here are some tips if you have a small closet: keep it light to make it look bigger and add extra lights to the shelves under the shelves. This will make the room brighter and you will find everything you need. Also, use mirrored closet doors if you plan to use them and don’t place extra mirrors all around. If there are windows, this is a big plus for plenty of light and the right choice of colors for your outfits.

closets in the bedrooms

Find your closet in your bedroom – this is perhaps the most natural room for a closet. There are several ways to hide it, or at least separate the closet from the bedroom itself. First of all, you can make a sliding door – it can be a glass door, which can be used to easily separate the room, or a mirrored door, which can be used. Secondly, you can opt for one or two curtains. This is the easiest way to hide the closet and you can always change it. Third, you can create a large headboard wall with a closet behind it – this is a very functional idea to try.

Makeshift closets

A makeshift wardrobe is a unique and very trendy idea born from open spaces. Such cabinets can be placed in any part of your open plan layout or in any room or corner that you deem appropriate. An awkward loft corner, part of your bedroom, home office or any other space can be turned into a closet with this idea. Get inspired!

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