Living rooms inspired by the sea and the beach

Living rooms inspired by the sea and the beach

We’ve already told you about ocean-inspired bathrooms and bedrooms, and now it’s time for one of the most important rooms in the home to gather with friends and family – a living room! The coast, beach and ocean inspired rooms are so cute and cozy! Aqua, blue and turquoise are awesome, bright and uplifting! However, you don’t have to paint your living room in cold tones if you don’t want to. Just choose warm, beach-inspired colors and add accessories. Accessories and details are so amazing I can’t stop thinking of such an interior for my own living space! Look at these star fish, sea urchins, fish and shells and all the pictures with them, they are so delicate and natural! But you can also add driftwood, sea glass, coral, and even boat models and flags. Check out some ideas below and get inspired!

colors and materials

If you want to decorate your living room in a beach or coastal style, go neutral – tan, cream, light gray, white, creamy, off-white. Bring in pastels or blue accents: light blue, turquoise, aqua, teal and navy. To make the space more catchy, add textures with jute, wood, rattan, leather, faux fur, velvet, and various wicker items. Prints don’t make the room boring either: printed cushions, rugs and curtains are your choices.


If you prefer a modern coastal style, opt for modern furniture. If it’s vintage beach, go for vintage and shabby chic items, maybe whitewashed ones. Neutral furniture is your choice for a coastal space. Choose from white, brown or cream upholstery and add bold printed cushions in your chosen shades of blue. Opt for rattan and wicker chairs that give the space an outdoor feel, opt for a wooden coffee table and console, or use a wooden crate as a coffee table. You can also opt for leather furniture: poufs, poufs or sofas.


Beach or coastal decor is nothing without proper decor, it will help create an ambiance. Go for gallery walls with photos, pictures, artwork, even coral and driftwood. Create display shelves with a variety of sea-inspired items. Driftwood and wicker chandeliers and lamps, Roman wicker screens, storage baskets, driftwood mirrors, and striped ottomans set the mood. Enjoy!