Cool ways to make your living room cozy for the winter

It’s quite cold outside and sometimes we don’t feel comfortable with it. To lift your spirits and make you feel warm, you can winterize your home to make it cozier and more welcoming, so your spirits will rise the moment you step inside. Today we are talking about living room and there are many ways to decorate your living space. Fur and knit blankets, slipcovers, poufs and pillows are a mush in this case, because soft and warm fabrics do their best. Candles and lanterns create an atmosphere; and why not add some holiday elements? Read below how to make your living room cozy for winter, read these tips and get inspired!


Winter is considered a pale and pastel season. However, if you decorate in this way, your room will feel colder. Add red, burgundy, emerald, metallic, and even purple to your living room decor—they’re not just great for fall, they’re great for the winter holidays too. The feeling that the holidays are coming will always be cozy and warm.

Add warmth and coziness through texture

Now it’s time to go overboard with pillows and blankets! Don’t be afraid of faux fur, velvet, chenille, or any other texture you don’t typically have. They make the look cozy and you feel warm and comfortable when you cuddle with them. A comfy faux fur rug is an ideal piece to make your living room cozy for the winter.

Add ambiance with candles and fairy lights

We all love candles all year round, but now is the perfect time to get really cozy with candles. Choose or make candles with winter scents and place them in lanterns, candlesticks and, if necessary, in a non-working fireplace. Another great way to achieve this soft lighting effect is by using fairy lights. Such decor (and smells!) will make the ambiance even more inviting.

Bring the outdoors in

Whether it’s flowers, plants or tree trimmings, bring some green into your living room this winter. You can also use pine cones and tree slices as coasters, ornaments or other decor – warming up the rustic vibe is always good for winter.


A fireplace is perfect for the inviting warmth that spreads throughout the room. If you don’t have one, consider buying a mobile one. She follows you to every room that is veyr. You can go for a traditional fireplace, a faux fireplace with candles or lights, a built-in fireplace, or even a fireplace tablet – it will work too!