leather headboards

leather headboards

A leather headboard is a very trendy idea – you can always swap out an ordinary fabric headboard for a leather headboard if you want to add a touch of edge to the bedroom. What are the hottest leather headboard ideas? Here are some ideas!

Woven headboards

A woven headboard is a super edgy and on-trend idea to rock in your bedroom—whether it’s a boho, contemporary, or mid-century modern space. It can be amber, black or brown – any color you think is appropriate for the bedroom. Such a headboard adds texture and a lot of interest to the room with a pattern.

Tufted headboards

A tufted headboard is a timeless idea, and a tufted leather headboard is a super fresh take on the classics. Try different leather and frame colors and choose an oversized headboard that reaches to the ceiling to keep it cool. Decorative nail trim is another bold idea to jazz up your tufted leather headboard.

Hanging headboards

A hanging headboard is a trendy idea – make upholstered leather pieces and hang them on a metal hanger above the bed. It can be a single or duo headboard in any leather color. The main advantage is that you can add it at any time, even if your bed does not have a headboard. Leaning on such a headboard is very practical, so you will not regret having made one.

Other headboards

If you prefer sleek leather headboards, make them more catchy for a wingback headboard, decorate with nail detailing, make geometric designs, and extend the headboard to the ceiling or sides. Upholstered leather headboards add a welcoming touch to the bedroom and keep you happy and relaxed in the bedroom. Check out various bold ideas below and get inspired!

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