Lamps inspired by Bedouin tents

The outdoor season is approaching and it’s time to look at furniture and lamps for decorating outdoor spaces. These unusual looking lamps are just the thing for outdoor use. The collection is called Jaima and was designed by Joan Gaspar. The lamps are inspired by, and take their name from, the Bedouin tents of North Africa, and are made from a variety of fabrics and shapes found in the region.

The lamps are available in three sizes and four different colors. A bare interior maximizes the quality and strength of downward light. The shades can be combined with two versatile stands to create a range of configurations for adjustable rotating floor lamps. In addition, the lamp can also be attached directly to the floor or wall, while the blinds can be hung independently as a pendant.

This collection is ideal for outdoor use, to illuminate bars, dining and outdoor living areas. It’s great to be in the spotlight and create a very cool ambiance. Just keep the lamps out of the rain to avoid damaging the fabric lampshades.

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