Vintage Living Room Ideas

Vintage living room ideas

VINTAGE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – The vintage theme seems to be a timeless inspiration to draw from. This time we would like to invite you to give your living room a vintage concept.

Elegant, classic, soft and comfortable are some of the comfort features when we find ourselves in vintage living rooms. But what elements or types of room elements that make up a living room are vintage elements?

For more information, don’t miss any of the points in this article.

Warm, natural vintage living room

Warm, natural vintage living room

Providing natural materials as a fundamental element of your vintage living room is one of the most important ways to style this theme. Raw stone or wood are popular materials. This point shows how tree trunks and wooden furniture create a nostalgic ambience.

Another room modeling that works best with vintage living room ideas is less ornament. This picture shows this correctly as just a polished sofa suite, pillows, desks overlooking a stove.

Some rugs, a small lamp, and a basket are humble decorations with simple tasks. The first of our ten vintage living room ideas is about staying simple and natural.

Artistic vintage living room

Artistic vintage living room

Certain furniture materials and styles are indicative of vintage living room ideas. Choose this tip if you don’t seem to have a lot of cash to buy logs and all of the wood materials for your dream living room.

Wood-carved furniture is one of the most popular pieces of vintage furniture. Some of the furniture shown can be purchased specifically or requested from your senior citizens.

The wardrobe that fills the corner of the room goes well with the beautifully designed tall desk that is not far from it. Just for two, the room looks antique.

Vintage living room with antique displays

Vintage living room with antique displays

Do you have antique displays or ornaments? Use them to fill your planned vintage living room. These will be valuable to give the planned living room a vintage look. The antique displays can take many shapes and materials.

As the picture shows, the scanned displays are the tray, the shelf with black legs and the mini cup. They show old contacts that can go back dozens of years. Stand the desk with your legs up as well, as shown in the picture.

Place a decorative lamp to make the living room look more nostalgic.

Vintage living room with old furniture

Vintage living room with old furniture

We hope you have elderly relatives who give you unused old furniture for your planned vintage living room. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any money, but it does mean that the living room is furnished with furniture that is decades old.

However, if you can’t find furniture from them, then go to a flea market to find furniture like the one in the picture. The wooden cabinet, wooden desk with sideboards, and wooden cabinet with drawers are good examples of the old furniture you are looking for.

Large and formal vintage living room

Large and formal vintage living room

The wooden chair set with old armchairs across from the wooden desk and the legs in the picture is an essential part of the vintage living room ideas. This picture puts this element into practice very well. In addition, the living room does not contain a lot of decorations. The post office looks minimalist and formal enough to receive guests.

The overall statement of the living room brings with it general intentions of vintage living room styles that minimize the sorts of things and keep the stain clean. This modeling is suitable for those of you who have a lot of living room space.

Modern vintage living room

modern vintage living room.  Source:

While the previous tips were mostly about furniture and vintage living room basics from the past, let’s move on to a modern living room style now. Because vintage style goes very well with a modern concept. The mix of both results in a soft and creative mode.

As the picture shows, the vintage look comes from the wooden desk with sideboard for storage. The suitcase-like storage brings another vintage model thanks to the wood material.

Modern accents come from minimalist sofa sets that include unique vases for the plants.

Elegant vintage living room

Elegant vintage living room.  Source:

Combine furniture made from natural materials with pastel colors for an elegant vintage living room. The two provide essential elements for a vintage living room. Paint the walls of the living room with strong, elegant blue, as the picture shows.

Also paint the stove in the same color. Next to the desk, inspired by the briefcase, there is a classic bookshelf that also functions as a desk. Complete the laurel shade with the painting on the bookcase next to the desk.

To sweeten the look, place fresh flowers on the briefcase-inspired desk.

Elegant vintage living room

Elegant vintage living room.  Source:

The elegant vintage living room is essentially made up of antique furniture and room items that are retouched and polished to make them look renewed and elegant. If you are lucky, get them from your relatives who have old but gold furniture.

If not, get ready to spend big bucks hunting down antique furniture as shown in the picture. The classic chairs, the wooden table with drawers and the coffee table with sideboards show a simple vintage look.

Decorate the windows of the room with patterned curtains that are nicely arranged.

Shiny vintage living room

Shiny vintage living room.  Source:

The key to this shiny vintage living room is in a series of chandeliers. A chandelier is one of the vintage decorations that are heavily related to this theme. Not only does it look beautiful, the chandelier also supports the vintage look.

Of course, don’t just rely on chandeliers. Wooden floors, a basket for storage, and a large wooden desk with drawers and sideboards make for strong vintage starters. Here you can add a wooden cabinet and a large square wooden table that will become important vintage elements.

Glamor vintage living room

Glamor vintage living room.  Source:

Get a set of classic chairs to create the sub-living room look first. The antique chair with the legs, as seen in the picture, goes well with the wooden table in the middle of the set. Complete the seating area with a gray, soft carpet underneath.

The glamorous seat takes center stage with wooden floors and a polished wooden cabinet as storage space. Thick, light green curtains nicely arranged to match rich green as the color of the living room.

We hope the vintage living room ideas in this article refresh a list of the model inspirations that already come to mind. You can also find more inspiration in these rustic living room ideas.

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