Home with a triple height atrium

Home with a triple height atrium

This Vietnamese house is called House for a Daughter. It is located in Ho Chi Minh City and was built by the Khuôn studio. The apartment is built around a triple-height atrium filled with plants and shaded by a perforated gray brick facade. The whole house is divided into two zones, one for a family that visits the house frequently and one for their daughter who will live there all year round.

Due to the large amount of sunlight on the west facade, air bricks were chosen to provide shade and natural ventilation. Bespoke curved concrete blocks in a square frame relate to the curved walls of the interior. From the outside it appears to be a unified house, but interior volumes with rounded edges hang in a triple-height atrium.

Some corners of the house are rounded to cut out voids that blur the boundary between the courtyards and enhance the juxtaposition between the two floating architectural masses. There is a communal area in the atrium kitchen and dining area for the family to be together when they are all at home. Large square skylights above the atrium flood the interior with light drawn indirectly into the rooms through the large windows overlooking the central space.

There are family bedrooms at the front of the house above the downstairs living and dining area. A bedroom and a study for the daughter of the family are located at the back of the house. At the front of the house are a number of living and office spaces and an outdoor terrace on the second floor. Wood and stone surfaces in the living areas contrast with the white shapes of the house walls. To illuminate the home at night, lightbulbs hang at the top of the atrium in the common areas. The terraces overlook the street through a series of curved sections of wall that make up the facade.

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