New interior design tips

Moving into your new home is difficult and there are many things and ideas that you may be puzzled about. Today’s round is here to help you make the first one and quickly decorate your home with the minimum of decor. Here are some lists of must-haves for every room

When moving into a new home, choose two areas to prioritize. You get most of your investment. These are usually a living room and bedroom, but you can choose what is important to you. Focus on quality rather than quantity, even if you don’t have enough money, there are some things you can buy later. Here are some lists of must-haves for every room that may help.

General shopping list

First of all, every room in your house needs window treatments. Window treatments make your room look more finished and offer privacy. Not sure which type to buy? Check out our curtain guide!

Second, each room should have at least two lighting fixtures. These can be pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and even built-in LED lights. Pick one you like and buy all the lighting fixtures for your home at once to create a flow.

Incoming shopping list

Each entryway needs a narrow console, cabinet or bench, then a mirror and some wall hooks. Your bench or console is a universal all-rounder for whatever you have. Choose one with storage space or at least high legs to put in some baskets for shoes. A mirror allows you to give yourself a check when coming and going and visually expand a small space. Wall hooks are perfect for organizing your jackets, bags, backpacks and scarves.

Shopping list for the living room

For a living room you will need a sofa, coffee table or ottoman, wall art and a TV cabinet/bookcase. A sofa is the star of every living room. Choose the largest that suits you. If your budget is limited, go for a vintage sofa, which is usually well made and just needs a slipcover to freshen it up. A coffee table or ottoman is ideal for serving drinks or placing books and magazines. It should be next to your sofa. Plain walls are a common thing for a living room, and filling one or more of them with artwork is a great idea – it will add interest to the space. There are many options, from your own photos to tapestries. A TV cabinet is a must for rooms with TVs. If there’s no TV, opt for bookshelves or leave the space unfilled as negative space is always a good idea.

Kitchen/dining area shopping list

For a kitchen or dining area, a set of cabinets and a table and chairs are a must. Cabinets and maybe a kitchen island are minimal cooking facilities. If you cook, add a sink for washing up. If you have a large kitchen island, partake in it to create a dining area. Just add chairs. If not, treat yourself to something on the table and look for used chairs if you can’t afford both. The table is a centerpiece here. A larger table can serve as a dining and breakfast table, a place for preparing and storing food, as well as a mini office space.

bedroom shopping list

For a bedroom, you will need a bed, a bedside table or two, and a closet or item to store your clothes however you like. Invest in the best, most comfortable mattress you can afford. It offers comfortable sleeping. Then choose a few bedside tables that match your room style and space. Don’t bother putting the pieces together. Mismatched bedside tables are a hot trend. If you don’t have a separate closet, put a closet in your bedroom or if there’s not enough space, opt for a makeshift closet with some boxes or bins for smaller items. Wall shelves and hooks are also welcome. Such shelves and makeshift cabinets are great for a small bedroom, creating an airy feel.

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