Not boring white sofa ideas

A white sofa is a very controversial piece: it was a traditional piece of furniture for so many years that it has become boring. Another disadvantage is the hard maintenance of a white sofa, which requires a lot of cleaning and is a bad idea for families with children and pets. Nonetheless, a white sofa is a timeless classic and today you may find ways to make your white sofa stand out and avoid typical looks in your living room. I will share the coolest of them to inspire you. Let us begin!

Double the sofas

A white sofa can look boring and too ordinary because you often see it here and there, but double the piece and see a positive effect! Each room benefits from two white sofas – white is a universal color for any decorating style. All you have to do is choose a model that suits your room style. A pair of white sofas will easily fit into any space, from the minimalist to the vintage sofa, and will complement many color schemes as well. The entire room can be all white or monochrome, or even dark tones, and white sofas contrast the space. Having other color schemes isn’t a problem either – white is very compatible. Face the couches and voila – you’ve got a classy conversation zone. Another idea is to put them as L if they better suit your interior or if you don’t have much space.

Unique white sofa

Even if you can’t put two white sofas, it doesn’t mean your piece will be boring. Modern designers offer amazing white and cream sofas with designs so cool that they not only look typical but also make a bold statement in your space. I’m not just talking about long corner sofas in white, there are also amazingly curved sofas that spice up the room. You will also find geometric long sofas for modern and minimalist spaces, as well as elegant white sofas with catchy edges and on metal bases, ideal for sophisticated and glamorous spaces. Tufted sofas are classics, but they also come in bold looks – U-shaped, with added long benches or ottomans. To add even more flair to the white sofa, choose a contrasting base: one made of metal or dark wood to make it look wow.

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