Lamp imitating sunlight

If you love sunlight and really miss it on cloudy days, there is a way out! The Komorebi lamp imitates sunlight. It’s just what you need when it’s not sunny at all. It is a hallmark of great product design as its idea and execution reflect the uniqueness and brilliance. The lamp is designed to illuminate, but in a way that seems natural and is definitely desirable. It doesn’t emit light, but rather the illusion of sunlight coming towards you from your window.

Inside the Komorebi is a projector that contains video loops of light patterns that form on walls as sunlight filters through trees or reflects off bodies of water. Choose the style you find the most in the area and Komorebi will cast a beautiful and realistic shimmer of light on the wall that looks just like the sun is coming into your room. What’s even more incredible is Komorebi’s ability to position itself and focus the reflection on different parts of the wall, which corresponds to the sun’s east-west movement over time.

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