Modern beds

Modern beds

A bed is the heart of every bedroom. That’s what design and furnishing is all about, and it’s very important. Your bed should not only be stylish and match the room decoration, but also be very comfortable and functional, e.g. BB provide additional lighting, storage space or bedside tables. I want to share the coolest beds you can buy for your bedroom right now, and every one of them is so cool you can’t help but buy them!

Product designer Carlos Tiscar pays tribute to his latest Nook product. Tiscar’s Nook bed is an all-in-one system with built-in LED lighting, built-in desktops, fabric hanging accessories and a dedicated video game module. In addition, the product offers additional accessories such as a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, which can be used to create a customized feature. Unlike traditional furniture, Nook uses a single Allen key to assemble the entire bed and its accessories. The bed can always be customized with different items and configurations to suit your needs. Meaning corner or break, Nook is a classic yet contemporary take on the popular four-poster bed, offering its customers a space of seclusion and tranquillity.

Italian furniture maker Dielle’s container bed might catch your eye. This is a regular bed that has been raised to store clothes and shoes underneath. It is a solution for small apartments that often do not have enough storage space. Because the design is modular, you can add stairs and extra storage around the bed. A small door gives you access to your belongings without having to lift the bed. Or you can raise the bed for full access to the closet underneath. All the shelves in the closet can be adjusted to fit the storage options.

Edge Bed by Environment Furniture is the perfect all-in-one and keeps everything within reach. The Edge Bed offers built-in storage and eliminates the need for bedside tables. A wide platform and four sliding drawers below keep blankets and books conveniently close by. With Edge Bed, you can place stacks of books just about anywhere. Crafted from recycled Peroba with ebony-stained mahogany corner inlays, the Edge Bed is an enduring beauty that’s distressed and weathered. But its clean lines suit modern and contemporary styles.

The Lawrence bed is a design of a classic re-evaluated in a contemporary way with unconventional lines that offer a light and compact appearance while expressing the idea of ​​extreme class and sophisticated living. The oversized bed frame, fully upholstered in fabric or leather, creates a pleasant sense of intimacy and invites you to relax. Thanks to the padding on each side, the Lawrence bed can be perfectly placed in the center of the room, dominating the interior. The upholstered headboard is divided into two separate elements, available in two different heights and three widths. It is possible to customize the headboard with different fabrics or leathers to choose with matching or contrasting tones, totally removable.

Who cares?! Design created the “Bed of Ice”. Floating like an iceberg in the center of the room, the bed conveys an air of the exquisite mixed with a hint of foreboding. LED lights run from the base of the structure to the top of the room. A second set runs along the countertop of the room and can change colors on command. External and internal storage is added to the form, including a series of drawers that run under the bed. The entire structure was created with Dupont ™ Corian® to enhance the aesthetics and feel of ice.

The Floyd bed is a truly adaptable bed frame, designed for city living and perfectly suited to the foam mattress that lives on the floor – modular, robust and moving with you; Sustainability is inherent in design. The Floyd Platform Bed allows you to add panels and expand the system as needed. As an overall system, the bed’s weight distribution is divided into quarters, reducing the span and maximizing the efficiency of the supports.