Kitchen decor trends for 2020

Kitchen decor trends for 2020

2020 is officially here and if you are planning a renovation this year, our trend summaries will help you. Let’s discuss the coolest and hottest trends out there right now, and we’ll start with the kitchen.


2020 is all about color – bold and monochromatic, we just can’t get enough of it and neutrals are forgotten. Navy is very popular in the kitchen I think because classic blue is the color of this year and all shades of blue are trending. But navy are timeless classics, and even when 2020 is over, your kitchen will still be very current. Whether you show off navy on the walls or paint your cabinets is entirely up to you. Additionally, you can do both or embrace the navy in different finishes like matte, silky, or bright.

Two kitchen islands

A kitchen island is a must for any modern kitchen (unless you don’t have the space), but what would two kitchen islands say? Twin islands are ideal for those looking to add an area to eat, sit, or do both. Additionally, you might want to add another sink on this island to really bring the space to life.

Unexpected color

Color has always been a good idea, but not just any kind of color, the unexpected kind. This year, regular devices use color. This will freshen up the area and give a special and customized look to the most commonly used parts. It’s the idea of ​​making your area light and airy that really reflects the aesthetic of the space. Rock colorful refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and other items to add a bright touch and liven up the space.

Open shelf decor

Instead of being busy displaying everything on your open shelf, this year you want to use your open shelf as decor. Using it as decor instantly makes the space feel elegant, charming, and cohesive. Additionally, it’s perfect for those who want to keep their decor minimal without compromising access to space. Try open shelving with live edges to add a natural touch to the room. This is another hot trend right now.

Dark countertops

Bring more character to your kitchen and make dark countertops! This is rather an unusual solution that might surprise you, but the contrast they create is totally worth it. If you choose bright or colorful kitchen cabinets in combination with dark countertops, you will enjoy the trendy look of your kitchen and it will be like no other – you will not see this solution often. Find more ideas for inspiration below!