Best colors Small spaces

Best colors Small spaces

Traditionally, decorating small spaces is done in neutral colors only, as it is believed that this makes small spaces look bigger. However, a small space does not mean that you should only stick to neutral values. This rule no longer works! The key is knowing what colors to use and how to distribute the materials you already have so the space never feels small, but instead feels dainty and fresh. The following colors are suitable for small spaces and give them character.


This shade is bolder than the traditional navy and won’t make your room as moody. This means making a statement and adding a touch of color without going too dark, and such color adds personality to the room. Pair it with neutral colors for a contrast that instantly gives the feeling of a large space.


Don’t go for total black in a small space, but if you want something dark, prefer onyx, which is lighter. Onyx works because it’s daring, unlike other colors that brighten up the space. This is a bold solution, but it works!

Multidimensional pink

Not only is pink a feminine color, it also has a touch of sparkle that will add a warm and smooth feel to any room. It’s about bringing the space to life in general. You will bring out the best in the room by working up such a chic shade and mixing it with a textured piece or even shades of black.


Any shade of yellow will fill your room with sunshine! Create a bold contrast with neutral colors and choose a soft yellow hue for a warm glow or a neon hue for a bright statement.

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