First 3D printed home

First 3D printed home

Building an inexpensive yet strong and functional home for the homeless has been a global challenge, but the answer may lie in a new technology: 3D printing. Today we take a look at the first 3D printed house that ICON built in less than 24 hours for around $4,000.

This 650 square foot home has one bedroom, one bathroom, living room and small office. After the completion of the main cement building, the non-printable elements such as windows and doors are added manually. Another technological facet of these 3D houses is that the construction is controlled via a tablet, meaning very few people are actually needed to build the house.

This home is decorated in a simple mid-century modern style, with a neutral color scheme and the addition of graphite gray and black. The walls are white, the floor is cement and the ceilings are mostly left as they are, and only in the bedroom is the ceiling covered with plywood.

Furniture is casual, mid-century modern, with hairpin legs, simple plywood, and wooden hardware. You can see lots of colorful throw pillows and rugs with folk prints to give the home a popular boho aesthetic. There are some other colorful touches like artwork that make this home bold and bright.

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