House interior colors and style 2019

Walls: Select sophisticated colors for specific areas of a room to create a central focus. Give them a central stage. You can see that the colors can be divided into three palettes: composed, confident and comfortable. Which palette works best for your room depends on your personality, lifestyle and mindset. The more you relate your space to your personality and mindset, the better you feel about your home and it determines your taste for visitors. For example, if you are social, creative, and cheerful, choose colors from the safe palette.

Furniture: Furniture colors determine the interior of the house. Most of the time, if you choose a specific palette for your wall color, keep the color of the furniture on the same palette but boost it with a different color scheme. This will add flair to your interior. Often the pillows do this job. You can change the upholstery at any time to quickly change the interior.

Floor carpet and accessories: The floor carpet is an important part of the house. You are looking down at the floor most of the time, and the color choices and design of your rugs should emit waves of new life every time you take a look. The accessories in the house interior such as shelves and lamps complement the interior of the house. These objects are a proud choice for your home if you follow the design with the color too. For example, choose simple designs with innovative styles.

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