Cool geometric kitchen decor ideas to rock

Continuing the theme of geometric decor, today is all about kitchens. The easiest way to incorporate trendy geometric patterns into the kitchen is to create an awesome backsplash using geotiles. There are many, many cool tiles that can be used to create a geometric pattern or painted this way. Another option is to decorate your walls or floors with such patterns. If you love sculptural shapes, a geometrically shaped kitchen island or tables and stools will impress everyone. If you are a DIYer, you can paint the furniture or dye the carpets in cool geo patterns. Of course, geometric lights and chandeliers are a great finishing touch for such a trendy space. Get inspired!

21 Cool Geometric Kitchen Decor Ideas To Rock |  wooden wall.
21 Cool Geometric Kitchen Decor Ideas for
21 Cool Geometric Kitchen Decor Ideas To Rock With - DigsDi

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