Joyful Summer Porch Decor Ideas

Joyful Summer Porch Decor Ideas

Are you ready for the coming summer? And in some regions summer is already here! That is why it is very timely to decorate your porch for the summer. Choose the style you like: rustic, shabby chic, modern, traditional or Scandinavian and start creating! For a shabby chic porch you will need shabby chic furniture, statuettes, flowers and candle holders. I love rustic porches with wicker furniture, potted flowers, antlers, and cozy textiles. Beach and sea-inspired porches are all the rage. So take out coral, shells, starfish and add wicker or plain white furniture. Bright colors and lots of green plants and flowers are great for any summer porch. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy cocktails on your porch!


Choose an appropriate color scheme for your summer porch – will it be a colorful or neutral space? If you love neutrals, go for layered neutrals – they look very contemporary and chic and are currently trending. If you want to turn on the light, try red, light blue, green and yellow for a zesty touch, pink and purple for a girly feel and so on – there are many combinations and ideas that you can implement.


The furniture should match your porch style: rustic, vintage, boho, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, or shabby chic. Wicker and rattan furniture is a timeless idea that suits many decorative styles. You can also add pieces of wood. If it’s a boho space, consider a hammock and possibly a macrame chair.

accessories and decorations

Add potted greens and blooms first – it’s summer and you should freshen up the space as much as possible. Printed pillows and rugs can add color to the porch, and candle lanterns and lights make the space very cozy. Add a touch of the chosen style to make the porch cooler and brighter and enjoy the summer!

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63 Joyful Summer Porch Decorating Ideas (with Pictures) |  summer porch.
63 Joyful Summer Porch Decorating Ideas - DigsDi