Dramatic black accents

Dramatic black accents

One of the current trends in home decor is black accents. Why black? It is a classic, bold and very dramatic color and one of the essentials of contemporary and modern decor. A black accent will never go out of style and can easily bring a fresh, modern or contemporary flair to your space. Just a few touches will give your home a new look and we have prepared a whole bunch of ideas that will inspire you!

What colors can black be combined with?

For added contrast, pair black accents with a high-contrast color like white—always a classic combination. Pastel colors and black create a stunning combination that is still delicate and soft, but has some edges and stones. If you have a colorful room, black items will also find their way here as black is easily compatible and can be confused with anything. Aside from adding a bold color statement, you can also add some texture to your black – it can be wood, tile, metals and many other materials that stand out and add interest to the room.

Black home decor ideas

How do I implement this color? If it’s a bathroom, you can add black faucets, a black sink, vanity, or bathtub, highlight your tiles with black grout, or use black edging throughout to accentuate your color scheme with a more dramatic hue. If it’s a kitchen, it could be a black appliance, black sink, backsplash, or even an accent wall. The latter actually suits any room and space – accent walls are always on, and a black one adds depth to the space. The bedroom and living room can be accented with black furniture, artwork and textiles that can be easily swapped out when you get tired of them. Get inspired!

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