Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Ideas for industrial kitchens

INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN IDEAS – Male and firm. These are two tones that arise in a large kitchen. This particular style is based on strong and purposeful traits that we often experience when visiting offices, factories or buildings.

The commercial kitchen is one of the most unlikely kitchen concepts that most households use. Thanks to the modern interior design, an unloved kitchen style can create more rooms.

We’re going to talk about amazing things about this style on the list. Make sure you read all of them.

Pine-roofed industrial kitchen

Pine-roofed industrial kitchen

Open shelves, high ceilings, and metal appliances are three outstanding features of the commercial kitchen. Our first example looks incredible. The kitchen fulfills all aspects of the commercial kitchen on the exhibition grounds.

The ceiling of the kitchen uses the design of the high ceiling with the wooden beams and the metal bracket to accommodate the hanging upper segment above the kitchen island. The large pipe that leads to the extractor hood is another aspect of the commercial kitchen.

To keep the kitchen spacious, there is the open shelf that holds many utensils, from spices to decorative glasses.

Warm industrial kitchen


While the first example uses metallic and gray painting, our second example takes the opposite approach. This proves that the industrial kitchen can feel so warm. The key to this sub-style lies in the wood category and the soft brown painting.

A large and large window like this one has a strong industrial characteristic. The window provides fresh air and light in the kitchen during the day. The kitchen combines open shelves and closed storage.

The kitchen cabinets in particular indicate a typical industrial warehouse model. Undeniably, the use of the special type of wood here creates a pleasant tone that spends time.

Modern industrial kitchen


In order to integrate a large kitchen into your modern or minimalist apartment, the entire apartment or house must be furnished. As can be seen in this picture, the kitchen connects to other rooms that save space and use the kitchen for other space purposes.

To achieve this kitchen goal, consider using wooden beams as the open ceiling for this apartment. If you paint the kitchen wall gray, the kitchen also gets an industrial flair. The strong wooden cabinet is another clever idea.

As with the second idea, don’t forget to surround the kitchen with large windows for healthier ventilation.

Illuminated industrial kitchen


Our second example of an industrial kitchen for your modern apartment or house. This time the kitchen seems to be separated from other rooms. Even so, this kitchen prefers to keep the area spacious and unloaded.

Thank you for the window pane, which allows a view from the outside from the inside. The kitchen chooses strong black as the theme color, which covers almost all parts of the kitchen, from the ceiling to the chair.

With all the choices, the kitchen looks masculine, solid and spacious at the same time.

Cozy industrial kitchen


Typical industrial kitchen pendant lights and chair shapes contribute to this special kitchen concept. For a clear example, just look at the lamps in this picture. They are becoming one of the most popular lighting concepts for industrial kitchens.

Other aspects here relate to the simple style of the chair. The chairs seem to use metallic material or apply gray as a painting. The blackboard wall shown here is a casual way to fill the kitchen wall.

The kitchen looks very cozy thanks to the table and the shape of the seat. Grandma’s recipe shows how the kitchen is filled with family love.

Industrial office kitchen


In the industrial office kitchen, everything revolves around the cooperation between all office employees. And we can achieve this goal, as can be seen in this picture. Industrial kitchen elements come from the gray ceiling, which consists of the metal plates.

The kitchen floor also has an industrial feel to it as the clay creates a solid and formal look. What attracts us so much is the use of the two long, gray-painted wooden tables. The tables are surrounded by colorful wooden chairs.

The seating concept is reminiscent of the school canteen. The seat model brings many workers together who enjoy lunch while deepening solidarity.

Attractive large kitchen


The industrial kitchen is open to beautiful and stylish flavors. You can still place flowers and trendy chair styles like these kitchen shows. We call this example an appealing modification of the typical industrial kitchen style that we mostly know.

The basic industrial aspects come from the wooden beams, the white brick wall and the vertical window at the back. The coolest things in the kitchen are related to the pendant lights. The lighting is charming and trendy.

To keep the kitchen spacious, there is the sleek chair style which adds a fashionable feature to the entire kitchen.

Futuristic industrial kitchen


Gray taste and stainless steel metal are all over this kitchen. Undeniably, the two aspects carry super strong industrial kitchen tones here. The kitchen combines the closed cupboard and the open shelf for holding kitchen utensils.

As a variation, the kitchen places the mosaic wallpaper, which enlivens the kitchen. The kitchen is full of high-tech kitchen gadgets which we think make our labeling very understandable.

Outdoor industrial kitchen


Of course, the large kitchen also fits your planned outdoor kitchen. This kitchen occupies a large area. This leads to the use of the simple, large format cabinet design. The industrial factors are due to major setbacks.

The backsplash uses the tough square tiles we often see on the floor. On the other hand, the kitchen chooses the square and rectangular tiles that look rough and traditional. This will also be another industrial kitchen tone.

The overall appearance of the kitchen looks spacious and simple.

Unique industrial kitchen


Our last idea looks unique because it brings with it different kitchen sub-styles. The industrial kitchen aspect results from the rough gray paint on the kitchen wall. Another aspect is the retro kitchen seen from the bulky refrigerator.

The beautiful, colorful painting hangs in the kitchen. The ceiling of the kitchen is full of ornate lamps that take shape in both styles. We admire that this narrow kitchen contains plenty of sub-elements in the room.


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