Outdoor shower decor ideas

Outdoor shower decor ideas

There’s nothing more relaxing than an outdoor shower and it’s a must if you have a pool. How to design your outdoor shower to look super stylish and cool? To give your outdoor shower a spa feel while making it durable, you can use stone, pebble, wood and concrete in any combination that suits your outdoor style. Here are some relaxing and cool ideas that will turn your outdoor showers into a spa experience.


Wood is a timeless material for home decor and using it for an outdoor shower is a great idea for a spa feel to bring warmth and coziness here. Cover the entire shower with wood of your choice, color or stain you like. You can create a deck and wooden panel over a pebble floor and plant some flowers and foliage around it to create a real spa retreat. If you want something more eye-catching, take a firewood wall and metal panel over the wood deck, or try a wood pole wall and roof over it to make it feel like you’re on a tropical island.


Concrete is a very durable material that is perfect for outdoor use. Concrete has several shades to choose from and pairs well with pebbles, stone, wood and metal. Cover the entire outdoor shower with concrete and plant some trees and greenery for a lively feel. Go for a contrasting look with a dark blue and creamy concrete wall and wooden deck. A concrete platform and a slab with a wooden deck are also suitable for a modern space.


Stone is also very durable and creates a rustic feel in the room. Cover the whole room with it or just go for a few walls, combine the stone with wood; You can also make a window in the stone to enjoy the view. Don’t forget to place or plant some plants directly in the ground to liven up your outdoor shower. Enjoy!

A spa like outdoor shower with pebbles, live plants and a tree.
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Outdoor shower design ide