Petals Floor Lamp

Nature always inspires creative people and the piece we’re sharing today is one of them, and it’s inspired by flowers to be precise – petals.

The Valencia-based studio Smallgran has developed a Rolo floor lamp capable of providing both direct and soft light thanks to its flexible “petals”. Each petal can be modified separately – elongated or curved – and thus the lamp allows different lighting in each direction, creating multiple environments in the same space. You can even light up part of the room brightly and keep the second part dark if you wish – the unique construction of the lamp allows this.

Each petal consists of a steel strip that keeps it straight or twisted and a 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane sheet. In addition to the petals, there is a steel base into which the socket, wooden umbrella ring and umbrella are screwed. The piece is available in black and looks very unusual. It is a unique combination of industrial design and a nature-inspired look. Get one for your home and create as many illuminated environments as you need!

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