Dark Kitchen Ideas

Dark kitchen ideas

DARK KITCHEN IDEAS – A dark kitchen is a killer concept. This style cuts typical kitchen design that mostly uses neutral, plain and light colors. For fans of dark colors, the dark kitchen isn’t a big deal, but for those who don’t?

This article will discuss cool things about the dark kitchen. Not only to channel mysterious curiosity deep inside you, but also to get out of common sense. Please take the time to see how this kitchen handles this type of challenge.

Stylish dark kitchen

Stylish dark kitchen
Source: home-designing.com

That happens, industrial and minimalist styles combine to create a kitchen. The dark flavor comes exclusively from black as the ultimate dark color of all time. Black colors, among other things, the ceiling and floor of the kitchen.

The kitchen contains the trendy furniture that emerged from the studio lighting and chairs. The minimalist style is applied to the kitchen cabinets and countertop. The kitchen prefers to keep the area spacious despite the space it occupies.

So you can see that the kitchen chooses the open shelf. The window pane makes the kitchen look spacious and open.

Simple dark kitchen

Source: loveproperty.com

If black is too familiar to you, this dark shade may best suit your interest. Somewhere between black and gray, the hue covers the kitchen wall and cabinets. As a light variant, the kitchen determines the respective wooden floor.

Given the relatively fair space, the kitchen practices simple concepts. The kitchen uses the open shelves and the simple cabinet design. The window in the kitchen seems to be there when the sunlight hits the floor.

The open shelf holds the dishes neatly arranged to meet the item.

Elegant dark kitchen

Source: hgtv.com

Class and elegant. Our next idea throws away the dark taste that often emanates from black furniture. Thanks to the special type of wood, the kitchen furniture looks very graceful and of high quality.

The kitchen cabinets have a simple and classic design. In addition to the grace, the kitchen cabinets also seem to glow. Dark tone emerges from the kitchen wall and the backsplash.

We appreciate that the kitchen uses the creative backsplash which acts as a cool variant. Due to the relatively small space, the entire kitchen look is casual and open.

Spacious dark kitchen

Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

A large space for a kitchen offers two options. We either want to keep it spacious or we don’t. This example would like to remain relieved without a minimalist design. Cool right?

Bold and bright are two attributes associated with kitchen cabinets. And that becomes the main tone here for the dark kitchen style. White becomes the secondary color to even out the area.

The kitchen chooses the type of wood that is neither light nor heavy. All the little things in the kitchen are kept in the cupboards.

Brave dark kitchen

Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Using the last two examples, we can investigate that a slight difference in blackwood can result in very different flavors. This time the piece of furniture looks bold, thanks for choosing the black shade.

The black color tones the cabinets, the stand of the kitchen island and the extractor hood. The black shade works with white, which contains the brownish lines. This shows the strong natural stone used for the kitchen wall and counters.

Nevertheless, the kitchen looks bold and of high quality.

Wonderful dark kitchen

Source: yentua.com

This is the ultimate shade of black. No shimmering taste, the kitchen cabinets look simple and graceful. That becomes the most basic dark feeling for the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen makes a nice change.

This appears from the window and allows natural air and light to enter the kitchen. The white door and window give a nice tone. Our final attention is given to the lighting, which looks stylish and cute.

That means that when we cook and wash dirty dishes in the kitchen, we need to feel comfortable.

Classic dark kitchen

Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

A classic dark kitchen cannot hide the vintage taste in this kitchen. To create this particular model of kitchen, choose simple and elegant dark furniture like this one. Black looks soft in this kitchen.

Vintage flavor comes from the range hood and ceiling that uses exposed beams. Interestingly, the kitchen has tall and large windows that are mostly seen in old kitchens. Nevertheless, the kitchen looks spacious and relieved.

There is a stylish chair and a pendant lamp for decoration. This is what we call the classic dark kitchen with style.

Finest dark cuisine

Source: blueridgeapartments.com

Black wood like this kitchen looks fine and elegant. Undoubtedly, the kitchen requires a large budget. So it is well worth the money to examine the kitchen. Not only does it look first class, the kitchen looks stylish too.

The trendy taste comes from the beautiful pendant lights and the kitchen island. The kitchen island also looks lavish. We appreciate that the kitchen island has a special place for the bottles, as shown in the picture.

Minimalist dark kitchen

Source: decorits.com

Our list will be incomplete without this substyle. Yes, a minimalist dark kitchen is a must have for anyone looking to create a dark kitchen for a modern home. This kitchen practices the simple furniture design with no visible buttons.

The dark taste mixes with the warm wooden floor and the soft white ceiling. The entire kitchen feels spacious in the end because it sits next to the window pane. So modern and fresh.

Dramatic dark kitchen

Source: space-time-mass.com

A dark kitchen seems inextricably linked to a dramatic tone. The last idea suggests that you can paint the kitchen black for an inexpensive finish in the dark kitchen. The kitchen wall, the ceiling and the upstand are colored black.

The entire kitchen looks so dramatic in the dark. For variations, the kitchen chooses the brown cabinets that use the simple cabinet design. Not to forget, the kitchen uses the black countertop for a more black shade.

This is our ideal idea for those of you looking for a dramatic dark kitchen that fits your minimalist and modern kitchen concept.

That concludes our list for kitchen style. Do you have favorites from the list?


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