Boho bathroom

Boho chic style is very popular. You can see boho details everywhere from outfits to room decorations. Would you like to create such spaces in your house? I have some ideas for you! Today’s round-up is dedicated to boho bathrooms. Feel free to steal ideas for your own space!

What styles to mix

Boho-chic or free-spirited style is amazing, and you can mix it with modern, Moroccan, and even mid-century modern spaces by just adding a few boho touches to it. Decide whether you want a colorful or a more neutral space and decorate accordingly: Use black and white mosaic tiles, bright patterned tiles for a Moroccan feel, cover the walls in white concrete or plaster for a desert or simply boho feel. Feeling.

furniture and appliances

Opt for a freestanding bathtub, better for a claw foot bathtub, for that cool boho look. Opt for wood furniture – vanity tops, cabinets, wood paneled mirrors, bathroom caddies – they can look vintage or modern depending on the ambiance you want. You can also try adding texture and interest with shiny details like a hammered metal sink, copper side table and tree stump ottoman for a bolder look.

accessories and decor

Decor and accessories really make a boho space feel boho. First of all you need plants and greenery to decorate the room – turn it into a garden! This is a great idea to liven up the space and make it boho. Boho spaces are marked with live plants. Jute, boho-printed, or faux-fur rugs are welcome for a boho bathroom. Set out several wicker baskets for storing towels or for washing. Also, use a wooden ladder for storage – it doesn’t take up much space but looks rather free-spirited. Add some artwork and it should be folk, boho, creative. You can even use a map as an artwork. Hang a fringed curtain and place some candles in candlesticks to relax. If you want a Moroccan feel, add Moroccan lanterns and candle holders with stained glass. Enjoy your free-spirited oasis!

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