Kitchen islands built-in appliances

A kitchen island is not only a functional hotplate, but also part of the decor, storage and seating area and can serve almost any other desired function. Today we have many appliances in the kitchen and often there is not enough space to accommodate them all. If you are facing this problem, you can easily solve it by placing the appliances in and on your kitchen island. Do you want to know how and what devices you can place there? let’s find out

Kitchen islands with stoves and hobs

A stove is an essential part of any kitchen and you can build it into your island or simply place it between the pieces of the island. Another idea is to buy only a minimal cooktop. It is easier to install and does not take up much space.

Kitchen islands with microwaves, grills and ovens

Do you like to bake barbecues? Then build your grill or oven into your kitchen island, it fits perfectly and makes cooking easier. You can also accommodate an entire baking station on a kitchen island: hide all the necessary equipment in the drawers and compartments. A microwave is very easy to place on a kitchen island and I’m sure any island can accommodate one.

Kitchen islands with refrigerators and beverage coolers

When one fridge isn’t enough, put another in your kitchen island! It can be just a small one for veggies and fruits, or large enough to hold foods that aren’t in the main diet. A drinks or wine cooler is also a perfect idea for a kitchen island, you don’t have to build a wine cellar with it.

Kitchen islands with dishwasher

Hide your dishwasher in your kitchen island! It’s a very practical and clever idea and you can always add a drawer panel so your dishwasher doesn’t stand out and spoil the overall look.

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39 Smart Kitchen Islands with Built-In Appliances - DigsDi

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