Coziest Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

In winter, the bedroom and bathroom seem to be the coziest places in the world, as you can sit in your warm bed or bathtub and feel comfortable like nowhere else. The decor of the bedroom is particularly important so that you wake up happy in the morning. Bedspreads, blankets and rugs made of knitwear and fur will make your room cozy in seconds! When it comes to bedding, why not choose some Scandi or Alpine motifs, or some cute warm-up colors. A fireplace warms every room. So if you get the chance, add one. Of course, all qualities of the coming Christmas are welcome to lift your spirits – from stockings to wreaths to fir trees – why not start your holiday sooner? Below are more ideas and tips on how to turn your bedroom into winter and create a cozy ambience!


Sheets, throws, pillows and blankets add a wintry feel to your bedroom. Make it plaid or tartan, add knit and faux fur pillows, throws and blankets and you instantly get a cozy winter feel in your bedroom. Match the rugs and drapes – the drapes can also be checked, and layered knit or fur rugs will make your bedroom cozy and wintry. Linens and other textiles are the best options for moving your bedroom from one season to another as they are easy to swap out and don’t cost much.

Natural decorations

Since it’s not Christmas yet, just winter or almost winter, you can add not Christmas, but winter decorations made of natural materials – evergreens, pine cones, wood, pebbles. You can make evergreen wreaths with pine cones, use rough wooden furniture or wooden discs to decorate, and so on. You can also add a mini Christmas tree to make the bedroom feel like Christmas.

candles and lights

If you have a chimney you can skip this point – you don’t need one of these as a chimney is much better! If not, create a cozy ambiance in your room here and there with candle lanterns, candle holders and cozy lights – they always make the room inviting. Be inspired and have a nice winter!

26 coziest winter bedroom decor ideas to get inspired |  Winter.
40 coziest winter bedroom decor ideas to get inspired - DigsDi
40 coziest winter bedroom decor ideas to get inspired - DigsDi

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