Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Star Wars bedroom ideas

STAR WARS BEDROOM IDEAS – Upon arriving in advertising in 1977, Star Wars became one of the most lucrative superhero franchises in the world. George Lucas has successfully turned his idea into a permanent attraction for fantasy story lovers.

This franchise continues to fascinate people’s hearts today. The publication of Solo: A Star Wars Story No wonder there are many people out there who love designing a Star Wars bedroom to keep the hero alive in their homes.

Are you one of them? If so, check out our 10 Star Wars bedrooms to spark your heroism.

Cool Star Wars bedroom

Cool Star Wars bedroom

Star Wars bedroom ideas are suitable for all ages, from kids to adults. Our first recommendation seems appropriate for teenagers and adults. A strong shade of blue and white ensures that the bedroom feels cozy and bright.

The Star Wars wallpaper will become the easiest element to put in your bedroom. Place the Star Wars collection toys on the bedroom wall as follows for a stronger hue of fiction.

Fill the wall sections of the other bedroom with images of the film and the memorable quotes. Wake up bravely to the view every morning.

Nice Star Wars bedroom


We hope all of your sons love Star Wars. If so, this traditional bed frame arrangement allows you to share them all in one bedroom. After that, fill the bedroom with Star Wars wallpaper and movie toys.

The bedroom is decorated in a light shade of blue. This will surely make the kids feel light and casual. Choose the Star Wars wallpaper or poster with the blue hue to add up the hue.

Complete each bed frame with the Star Wars duvet and bring the toys that appear on the corner and ceiling.

Simple Star Wars bedroom


Another Star Wars bedroom concept for your boys. This time around, the bedroom chooses black and white to make the space a little masculine. At the corner is the open shelf that can hold all the items related to the film.

We call this simply because all you need to do is paint part of the bedroom wall or ceiling with a Star Wars-inspired drawing. Then complete the ceiling with the spacecraft toy.

They are enough to give the kids a good idea of ​​what they can explore about the room in adulthood.

Fantastic Star Wars bedroom


Such a total commitment from a huge Star Wars fan. This bedroom clearly shows how fiction inspires the owner to really feel what it is like to be the hero of fantasy. Interesting enough to investigate that the bedroom is suitable for two people.

The floor seems like we are entering the room. The swords really adapt to those of the fictional heroes. And of course the wall together with the large spaceship, which is completely inspired by Star Wars.

The ceiling contains the sparkling light that envelops this in such an amazing Star Wars bedroom.

Great Star Wars bedroom


We present you again the Star Wars cult part of the space probe. This time around, the spacecraft part looks simpler, making it a cheaper option for those of you.

The bedroom looks great with the wallpaper depicting the space along with the most anticipated look of the spaceship. Many of the fictional ornaments fill the bedroom. The bedspread and the curtains also contain the Star Wars feeling.

We applaud how the simple Star Wars implementation can transform into this fantastic bedroom for kids.

Pleasant Star Wars bedroom


This bedroom differs in color from the previous examples. Instead of blue or metallic, this bedroom takes on pink. This special shade of pink makes the bedroom appear bright.

Many of the Star Wars symbols fill the bedroom wall. Another section of the bedroom wall is painted in the picture, which looks a bit great. The duvet underlines the Star Wars ambience.

Our favorite is the bench that looks imaginative and heavenly.

Funny Star Wars bedroom


This bedroom looks simple and intense in the Star Wars flavor. Apply the soft blue side to the bedroom wall. Combine the shade of blue with white to make the bedroom look bright and fresh.

Buying a Star Wars duvet becomes a common idea that you can practice. Fill the bedroom with the Star Wars toys so your children can play alone like their favorite characters.

The bedroom also supplies the bedroom with the Star Wars books to stimulate their imaginations.

Fantastic Star Wars bedroom


We admire how this bedroom practices such a fantastic sky in the wall. We believe the wall decoration needs to be painted smooth. Of course, although it does mix colors, it does require a serious painting process.

Gray and white envelop the wall in a metallic and imaginative sky, similar to what we see in Star Wars. A Star Wars poster and some of the black and white Star Wars pictures later complete the wall.

Another interesting part is the Star Wars toys falling from the ceiling.

Brave Star Wars bedroom


Give your teenagers a manly tone since they were young. This bedroom looks bold with black and white as the main colors. The choice of duvets looks bold and expensive.

We appreciate that the bedroom houses the right duvet model to make the boys brave. The Star Wars symbol like this is enough to create a Star Wars bedroom that actually looks humble but powerful.

Spacious Star Wars bedroom


Here comes another Star Wars painting or wallpaper to practice on. The picture is held in a light blue tone and makes the bedroom look imaginative and cool. There are some Star Wars toys on the bed frame.

The fiction also emerges from the pillowcases and bedspread. There is also a small carpet with the same hero. We instead call this a spacious Star Wars bedroom because the space looks relieving.

We applaud that the bedroom of health takes precedence over Star Wars decorations.


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