Cool kids bedroom theme ideas

Cool kids bedroom theme ideas

Children love fairy tales, various stories about pirates and cowboys, and certainly cartoons. They often imagine their heroes. Girls play dolls and dream of being a princess or a famous ballerina, boys collect comics about superheroes and want to be as cool as them. You could make your child very happy by creating a bedroom that takes ideas from their favorite character. Nowadays it is not very difficult and it usually just depends on your imagination. In the stores there are many different thematic furniture and accessories. One of the cool and simple solutions to create the right atmosphere are different wall stickers, which also have a great advantage – they are not very expensive. You can also create a real wall art with your favorite character if you are a creative mind. Although you could be more creative and try to find an unusual bed that will add originality to your children’s room design and complete the themed look of the room. In the photos below you could find a lot of interesting ideas and probably choose something that your child might like.

girls room

Girls’ rooms are often designed with themes and colors that we like to talk about, but of course this is not mandatory and your girl can choose whatever she wants – we’ll just take a look at the most traditional ideas. You often see girls’ rooms that are designed with the themes of princesses, ballerinas, princess castles, Paris and Disney. That’s not all: your little girl can choose any cartoon or character to become a theme for her room, for example Elsa from Frozen. As I just said, the traditional colors are pink, lilac, and pastels of all kinds, including pastel blue. Unless you’re looking for a very original bed or want to make some great wall art, you can always pull off the theme with accessories and textiles.

boys room

Boys’ rooms can be offered in many different themes: Sponge Bob, superheroes, nautical and sea, various sports, dinosaurs, racing, Star Wars and many others. It all depends on what your son likes and what characters he prefers. The traditional colors are blue, green, grey, off-white, sometimes green, yellow and red, but of course your son can choose literally anything that comes to mind – traditions exist to be broken! Adding themes with colors, accessories and decor is a trending idea that makes the room look more modern.

Gender-neutral spaces

Gender-neutral rooms are becoming increasingly popular. If you want a themed room, you can try log cabin, camp, horse farm, or any other animal theme, room, adventure, or cartoon and character your child likes – just keep the colors more neutral or universal, for example, green, gray, yellow, red. Such ideas are also ideal for shared children’s rooms with different sexes.