Charming garden and pool lighting with a slide

The Italian company Slide offers a perfect way to decorate and illuminate your outdoor space at the same time. The floating lamps from the Acquaglobo collection are presented as light spheres of different sizes and have been specially designed for swimming pools. These pool lights not only can create a romantic atmosphere at night, but also can be a stylish decoration during the day. Reflecting in the water, they add a relaxing and beautiful touch to an outdoor environment. Luminous balls are available for the garden for those who do not have a pool. You can combine both types of lamps and get a fantastic and original outdoor design. You can find these pool lights and other lighting products on the slides page.

Charming garden and pool lighting with a slide - DigsDi
Charming garden and swimming pool lighting with a slide - DigsDi
Home decoration garden and pool lighting design decorating outdoor.

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