Built-in home focal points

Built-in home focal points

A focal point is a star in every room: it’s the main feature that catches the eye, and without it every room looks too plain and boring. Today I’m going to share some ideas to create or highlight an existing feature that was previously built in.

The most popular ideas for such features are large windows with views, fireplaces, built-in shelves and displays, angled walls and vaulted ceilings. You can only go for one as multiple focal points destroy the whole idea of ​​an accent. Select or create a feature and tag it. Let’s look at some examples.

Windows / Views

Views are one of the most popular features to incorporate into your room decor. This is always a win-win idea as natural beauty cannot be beat and there are different ways to incorporate views into your decor. You can opt for large windows, floor to ceiling windows or even glazed walls, but not too many – one glazed wall is enough to highlight the view. If you take too many, you won’t get focus. Such a solution also brings a lot of natural light inside and increases your space – so many advantages!


A fireplace is a very popular thing to bring cosiness indoors, it does it instantly. It can be built-in or ordinary, double or hanging, or any other model you like, and its decor should match the style of the room: rustic, industrial, minimalist, and so on. You can highlight the fireplace with metal or wood panels, made of marble or stone, different in color and texture from the wall. Add firewood if needed, it can be another cozy accent, or go for a mantel of interesting items and voila, a great focal point is done!

vaulted ceilings

A vaulted ceiling is a fancy feature, it’s harder to build, but if you’ve got it – mark it! If there are no wooden beams, you definitely need some false beams for a gorgeous look. They bring coziness to the room but remember that they steal some light and this can make the room look a little gloomy. To avoid this, take skylights in the ceiling and hang some lights or chandeliers on the beams. This way you may get the view and a unique ceiling.