Mediterranean Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Backsplash ideas for Mediterranean cuisine

MEDITERRANEAN KITCHEN BACK WALL IDEAS – The backsplash of Mediterranean cuisine is inspired by interior design used in countries around the Mediterranean such as Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

This backsplash design emphasizes purity, classicism and calm. As a representative of the ocean, you can realize this kitchen splashback with white and blue-green colors. Patterned tiles can be another option to add a nice, intricate design to the concept.

Refreshed Mediterranean cuisine backsplash

Refreshed Mediterranean cuisine backsplash

Refreshed Mediterranean Cuisine Backsplash is another term for a modern one. In this regard, you can choose modern tiles with patterns inspired by the backsplash of Mediterranean cuisine.

As can be seen here, the backsplash uses gray tiles with white, soft lines as a border. The design of the edges was inspired by a Mediterranean design that focuses on softness and calm. These simple edges look bland and graceful.

The gray tone enhances the calming feeling for the entire kitchen, which already chooses neutral fittings and appliances.

Warm Mediterranean cuisine backsplash


The Mediterranean interior design offers you lush tile patterns to imitate for the planned backsplash. This backsplash concept emphasizes particularly neutral colors with accent patterns that look vintage and elegant.

You can take this backsplash tile pattern into account. The backsplash uses square tiles that, like the first idea, contain gentle curves. The tiles appear in concentrated and light brown tones. This simple design with the cave-like border looks elegant and seductive.

With the brownish feel, the backsplash feels warm and hopes to bring family members together to cook together or wash dirty dishes.

Quiet, Mediterranean backsplash cuisine

Source: Pinterest

You don’t necessarily have to rely on simple tile or brick to get that calm feeling from a backsplash. This backsplash suggests that you add patterned square tiles to add variety to this neutral looking kitchen.

With neutral colors as a background, the tiles have a breathtaking design that allows you to feel comfortable immediately. Despite the pattern, the backsplash does not offer a noticeable ambience for the entire kitchen thanks to the background colors.

The back wall goes well with the luxurious extractor hood and the high-quality kitchen worktop.

Daring, Mediterranean cuisine backsplash

Source: Courtney Thomas Design

We cannot help but admire a fabulous design from the Mediterranean countries. This kitchen goes a few steps further. The first step relates to the bold colors that fill the backsplash from the range hood to the kitchen countertop.

The upstand also extends to the left, which corresponds to the kitchen wall. The backsplash contains tiles that choose the geometrically inspired style. This simple idea results in a chic view that the eyes can see. The second backsplash uses a much more complicated design.

This backsplash prefers neutral colors. The entire backsplash therefore contrasts and marks this as a unique and daring idea.

Happy Mediterranean cuisine backsplash


Take a groundbreaking variant for your planned backsplash in Mediterranean cuisine. You can copy this tile design, just another beautiful pattern from the Mediterranean style. This time this tile chooses yellow as the background.

The selection gives this backsplash a strong, happy feel. In addition, the backsplash combines yellow with green and gray. The pairing creates a feel-good tone. The backsplash has a beautiful and sophisticated pattern, as is typical for this concept.

You can feel the kitchen look bright and vibrant, two positive qualities that can blow your mind every morning.

Cave-like, Mediterranean kitchen back wall


When we first saw this picture we thought we were looking at a kitchen with backsplash in Santorini, a popular beach destination in Greece. The resort enchants international tourists with unique houses that resemble a cave like this one.

The backsplash will be our top sample. Processed natural stones are used in the kitchen, enveloping the room like a cave. The rocks remind us of those we often see on the beach or on the coast. The kitchen uses the rocks as backsplash.

The backsplash is natural and peaceful and contrasts with the metal cooking utensils in this kitchen.

Improved backsplash of Mediterranean cuisine


If you think stones are too expensive, this backsplash concept can be considered. We call this sub-Mediterranean style upgraded because you can install tiles that are affordable and easy to find.

In particular, choose whitish clipped tiles that you can see in this picture. The whitish tone is important as it highlights the Mediterranean hue, which focuses on freshness and purity. You can cut the tile material to size as shown here for a slightly shiny feel.

Simple, Mediterranean cuisine backsplash

Source: Pinterest

Mediterranean kitchen splashback fits your pantry kitchen. Select stones, then paint them white. This is a simple and effective way to introduce a Mediterranean concept using mostly white for the backsplash or kitchen.

This picture further shows that the backsplash follows the shape of the kitchen walls. The backsplash contrasts with the modern cooking appliances. You can totally go by creating an all white kitchen like this one.

Pure and clear, you fill the kitchen strongly.

Elegant Mediterranean cuisine backsplash

Source: Pinterest

Our final idea for patterned backsplash in Mediterranean cuisine takes on a dark shade of blue. The backsplash runs from top to bottom (kitchen countertop) and uses a nifty design that doesn’t feel too much.

Instead, the pattern looks elegant, similar to a carpet. This design comes from a beach so strongly associated with blue. This time the backsplash chooses the concentrated or dark shade of blue for a slightly bold feel.

The backsplash offers a graceful change with light blue fittings in this kitchen.

Gentle Mediterranean cuisine backsplash

Source: Pinterest

Another humble way to add the backsplash concept of Mediterranean cuisine to your modern kitchen. Just choose the soft shade of blue tiles as shown in this picture. This shade of blue can represent the ocean that divides the countries in the Mediterranean Sea.

In general, blue, especially light blue, says so much about a soft and peaceful feeling that we always feel when we visit the sea. Incidentally, this backsplash has arranged the blue tiles in a horizontal, conventional order.

Each of the tiles includes white borders that enhance the ocean-inspired ambience. This simple idea can help you out when your budget is tight.

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