Living Room Mirror Ideas

Living room mirror ideas

MIRROR IDEAS FOR LIVING ROOMS – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? Well, that can depend on the size and style of the mirror in a living room. The saying was held by many women to show how much they depend on the mirror.

While we usually put a mirror in the living room to check our appearance, a mirror now plays a new role. Many homeowners today place a mirror as a room decoration. There are different types of mirrors that you can use to beautify your living room.

Hanging mirror in the artistic living room

Hanging mirror in the artistic living room

The mirror that hangs in part of the entire living room wall has a unique effect. Not only does the mirror provide maximum reflection, it also contains an aesthetic purpose. The metal rope and the metal edges of the mirror hold the essential key.

They support the artistic feeling of the living room. In particular, the room brings a shiny tone with a lot of metallic materials used in the furniture. The pendant luminaire and the natural stone wall also play a major role.

The choice of large mirror size will suit the space that appears large when installed with high ceilings.

Square mirror in the classic seat


This mirror style is nothing special at first glance. Unlike the first style which required additional hunting time, this time around you can find it in many stores. The ordinary design of the mirror somehow becomes essential when you add in the classic red seating area like this one.

The mirror has fair, intricate designs on the edge. This means that the mirror is “qualified” for the entire vintage look, which focuses on antique wooden furniture. As you can see in the picture, the living room has the classic chair with ottoman and storage space.

The mirror provides the light vintage tone for the entire room.

Mirror as living room wall living

Installing a mirror as the wall of a living room like this one is a great option for creating a sense of freedom. This is especially helpful for those of you who have little or limited living space. You will feel spacious thanks to the mirror

The size of the mirror helps you see your whole body or from head to stomach. This is a great way to check out your looks and see if you’re missing out on anything. Some women prefer a large mirror like this for optimal body control.

You can examine clothing, makeup, and a headscarf just by looking in a mirror.

Artistic mirror wall decoration


As already mentioned in the introduction, we bring you an artistic mirror as a wall decoration. There hangs a small round mirror with sun-inspired edges. The entire mirror looks bright and matches the elegant overall shade of the living room.

Apart from the aesthetic role, the mirror helps to reflect all objects in the room. It enhances a shiny atmosphere that already fills the room. We believe the mirror does not help family members check their face or physical appearance.

It hangs too high there.

Classic oval mirror

This oval mirror enhances the classic feeling that surrounds the living room intensely. The mirror has the royal design with golden color as seen from the edges of the mirror. The mirror looks nice and sophisticated.

The mirror is a real decoration because it hangs over the fireplace. They can still reflect on the mirror, but not for the whole body given the medium size of the mirror. From this we can conclude that the mirror is more of an ornament.

The room itself feels very regal with the bulky armchairs and ottoman, among other things.

Large mirror with visible wooden edges

Source: Pinterest

The sixth of our entire living room mirror ideas is similar to the third strategy. For those of you who have long, limited living room space, we offer another alternative. This time, you can choose a large rectangular mirror style.

Specifically choose the mirror design with exposed wooden edges like this one. The overall mirror optics give you the broader sense. The mirror design also feels simple and traditional. The mirror type fits the more classic ambience of the room.

The size of the mirror reflects your torso.

Rounded mirror in the open living room

The rounded mirror in an open plan living room, as shown here, has a specific purpose. With the sectional sofa and one of the chairs across from the glass door, the rounded mirror can let homeowners know who is going to enter the house.

You can just look in the mirror before turning your head or body. You can also use the mirror to see the look of your upper body before you leave home. The mirror fits into the airy atmosphere of the room, as the mirror has glass-like edges.

Foldable long mirror

Functional and beautiful. Our next mirror idea allows you to examine the entire body thanks to its tall shape. The mirror unit consists of a few smaller mirrors that all family members can use to check their appearance at the same time.

Interestingly, the mirror unit can be folded up. For example, you can use it as a partition between the gray living room in the picture and the dining room. The mirror unit can also look nice as you can partially fold everything up as shown here.

That in itself is a room decoration.

Lots of small mirrors with black borders

Source: Pinterest

Don’t waste corroded mirrors right away. You can reuse small black-edged mirrors as a room decoration for a shabby chic living room like this one. Place the little mirrors, especially the different shapes, over the comfy, aged couch as shown here.

The entire mirror part looks very nice despite the aged edges. And of course you can still see your beautiful faces in everyone.

Square mirror with a beautiful edge design

Let’s focus on materials that wrap a mirror. This last idea shows how certain materials can add to the overall beauty of a mirror. The white material supports the beautiful rim design of the mirror.

This whole mirror amplifies the old and modern tone that feels in this living room. The mirror size here corresponds to the length of the couch. You can get the right reflection timing in front of the mirror and add more art elements to the room.


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