Kitchen Track Lighting Ideas

Ideas for lighting kitchen rails

IDEAS FOR KITCHEN TRACK LIGHTING – Not only the kitchen lighting, but also the kitchen track lighting now takes on different shapes. The modern interior design allows for a blooming, unique style of kitchen track lighting. It’s no longer just a handle.

It now becomes Handle 2.0, which refers to creative placement and material that hasn’t been around in the past few days. This can add beauty to your kitchen lighting concept and even the entire kitchen. Still blurry? Read our 10 examples below.

Simple kitchen track lighting

Simple kitchen track lighting

A pair of short and thick metals houses two branches that will later hold two large lamps. That’s the whole concept of this kitchen track lighting. The rail design looks simple and functional and matches the minimalist and sleek look of this kitchen.

The material of the kitchen track lighting ensures a strong and firm hold. What defines the kitchen is chosen by the large lamps that fall directly over the kitchen island. With the design, we can tell that the kitchen is opting for a minimalist style.

The kitchen also remains true to black and white as theme colors.

Minimalist kitchen track lighting


Derived from a pendant light concept, the second idea uses a similar design to the first tip. A short metal houses three small branches that will later house three small, disco-inspired lamps.

The overall metal of the holder looks a little weaker than that of the first idea. This track lighting can be an alternative for a minimalist kitchen that uses shiny materials. The disco-inspired lamps provide a lively change in the neutral kitchen.

The selection thus keeps the entire kitchen minimalist and futuristic.

Trailer kitchen track lighting


Some kitchens choose hanging kitchen lamps because this style looks graceful and beautiful. If you are interested in this lighting concept, you need to build a model for hanging kitchen track lighting.

You can experiment with the idea suggested in this picture. A long and strong banner is attached to the kitchen wall. From there, the metal houses some other transparent holders that make a nice formation.

Each of the entertainers carries a lamp that steals the classic iconic design. The overall picture looks stunning in its clarity.

Casual kitchen track lighting


The fourth idea shares the same general concept with the first idea. Both use the one strong metal that becomes the main handle for all lamps. There are some subsidiaries made of one metal.

The difference lies in the design of the handle, which looks a bit complex. That’s because the track in the first idea has the three large lamps instead of two. The composition of the lamps requires the one, long metal that lies horizontally.

Despite the more complex track style, the entire lighting looks comfortable and casual.

Raw kitchen track lighting


Sometimes a lighting concept for kitchen rails simply means a long cord that houses small light bulbs. That is the message of this outdoor kitchen concept. The cable runs from left to right and shines above the kitchen island.

When switched on, the small light bulbs generate a bright beam of light that is sufficient to illuminate the entire kitchen. So you can have small garden parties at night. It is better if you choose the small bulbs that produce different colors.

This selection makes the whole kitchen happy and lively for the whole family or friends.

Unique kitchen track lighting


Here, too, we offer you another concept for lighting kitchen rails, in which a strong metal is used as the main bracket. For this kitchen the metal is circular. The metal later also houses two long, thin metal branches.

Despite the thin appearance, the subsidiaries keep the two semi-oval lights, which are closer to the kitchen island, strong. The lighting is not alone. In this kitchen you can see some built-in small lamps as another lighting model.

Choose different light switches for each lighting model. If necessary, use one of these to save energy.

Overcrowded kitchen track lighting


Small light bulbs become the source of radiation in this outdoor kitchen. Similar to the fifth idea, the tiny light bulbs simply use wires to house them. This time the kitchen lighting uses a crowded track lighting style.

So you can see that there are many cables that house the many small light bulbs. They are all arranged in a neat organization. There are two pendant lights that consist of another set of small light bulbs. The lighting makes the outdoor kitchen so lively.

The outdoor kitchen does an excellent job of bringing party mode to the area.

Excellent kitchen track lighting


This S-shaped kitchen track lighting steals the show from this kitchen. Amid the casual tone of this kitchen, we admire the model of the kitchen track lighting in this kitchen. We believe you need to turn to a professional to get this particular style of track.

Not only the unique track shape, but also the lighting unit contains cute lamps that point in some directions. This allows you to distribute the beam over many parts of this kitchen. Who doesn’t want to look at the ceiling often with this track style?

Raindrops kitchen track lighting


With the same intention as with the seventh idea, our ninth recommendation receives another concept. Numerous lamps, which are filled with glasses of different sizes, hang under the slim holders.

The glasses somehow decorate the lighting. Their formation reminds us a lot of raindrops that take shape in many water sizes. Refreshing and lively at the same time.

This relatively dark kitchen chooses the amazing aspect to keep it so alive when the night comes.

Incredible kitchen track lighting


After S, we now offer you a U-shaped lighting form for kitchen rails. This one uses long metal as a handle for many lamps. That fits in with the large kitchen that wants to brighten the light.

We call our last one amazing due to the great aging of the owner. The cover automatically needs the long metal that can be cast into the particular design. The kitchen lighting consists of the pendant lights in two optics.

They point in different directions to illuminate the entire kitchen.


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