Black and white nurseries

Black and white is a classic color scheme that always works – for any room and for most styles, it’s quite contrasting, which at the same time doesn’t make it boring. Today we are going to prove that with nurseries and show you amazing kids rooms designed in this color scheme. Dive in!

styles and proportions

Black and white work for everything: Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Boho and many others. Choose proportions that suit your space – will it be a moody dark one with a bit of white to freshen it up? Or will it be a super airy space with just a few black highlights for drama? Or do you opt for a bright contrasting dream with black and white in the right proportions? Make up your mind and start decorating.

How to spice it up

Black and white seems too ordinary and boring to you, and it means you should freshen up the decor somehow. You can do this with a few pops of color – green, orange, red, yellow – whatever you want. Add them with small accessories and toys, which is a win-win idea. You can’t expect your child to only like black and white toys. Kids love all Brights! Liven up the space with potted plants and better greens that contrast with the black and white background. Adding prints: stripes, geometric, graphic and others make the nursery bolder and trendier. Make a cool gallery wall with the kids’ artwork and garlands and voila – you have an amazing space!

It's just another monochrome Monday!  Design by: @laurajilizian.
5 bold black and white nurseries |  Black and white children's room, white.
5 bold black and white nurseries |  Black and white children's room, white.

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