Aluminum table city map

A city map with all its imperfections and beautiful details can be a source of inspiration or become part of the design.

Baghdad by Edra is a hand-welded anodised aluminum table in the shape of a city map. The table consists of more than 700 pieces of extruded aluminum to show the planimetry of the Iraqi capital. Aluminum legs anchor the table, but it’s the surface that keeps people looking. Available in regular and irregular versions, the Baghdad table is available in two heights. If you think the city map is too regular, choose an uneven shape to make it more unique.

Such a table is an eye-catcher in every room, regardless of whether you place it in your entryway, living room, dining area or in another room. It can be used in hotel lobbies or other public areas, especially in Baghdad itself, to allow incoming visitors to scan the city’s map. Its urban design fits into any modern or minimalist space and becomes a bold show-stopper.

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