Artistic bathroom fixtures Vas by Kohler

Kohler faucets are known worldwide for their durability and amazing design. There are many faucets of different styles, so everyone can choose the one they like. We have already reported about its very flexible faucets that have a modern and even minimalist design. Now we are pleased to present one of the most artistic collections of bathroom fixtures – Vas. Refined fittings in this collection look like Japanese porcelain vases. This collection consists of several models that differ only in their decorative surface. There is even a luxury faucet with a beautiful gold and black decoration. Some other models are decorated with a very gentle floral motif. All of them are made of premium ceramics. Such an elegant faucet could easily transform your bathroom, becoming not only a fictional device, but also an exclusive decoration. Visit the Kohler website for more information on these faucets.

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