Western Bathroom Ideas

Western Bathroom Ideas

Western bathroom ideas

WESTERN BATHROOM IDEAS – Western bathroom models are closely related to the bathrooms for cowboys. You can imagine the bathroom design uses wood. Natural and fresh look strongly out of fashion.

We call the item the rustic element and more because the bathroom style doesn’t just use wood to create warmth. Further sub-styles and the corresponding statements can be found below in our 10 western bathroom models.

Cute western bathroom

Sweet western bathroom
Source: hgtv.com

This is suitable for cowgirls. Tree trunks and boards make up the bathroom. The bathroom feels so strong in nature and has a low ceiling. To ensure good air circulation, the windows are installed in the bathroom.

This makes the bathroom look airy and comfortable despite the low ceiling. You can feel girly touches through the flowers, candles, and old carpet in the bathroom. How to decorate a western bathroom.

The rustic tone must be a priority. Otherwise the natural taste will be impaired.

Elegant western bathroom

Elegant western bathroom
Source: klikroomtime.web.id

A modern cowboy / cowgirl bathroom? This color is a good combination of western bathroom style and modern space. The result feels classy and warm here. The bathroom chooses wooden boards.

The material forms the wall and ceiling of the bathroom. The type of wood looks a bit modern and fresh. The bathroom floor is made of mosaic-inspired ceramics. The strategy makes the bathroom a bit lively at a fair level.

We call the example noble due to the furnishing style. The washbasin, for example, looks tasteful with the classic furnishings that we are most familiar with.

Light western bathroom

Bright western bathroom
Source: interiordesign.lovetoknow.com

Some of you would like to avoid the old fashioned look of western bathroom style. This can meet your expectations. You can choose the type of wood that looks light and fresh. The bathroom holds the logs and boards.

The example shows the classic and modern styles. The bathroom wall shows the creative design that is flourishing today. The carpet and the wall lights present the classic design.

The sub-styles draw the refreshments from the plants. The bathroom presents the theme “Back to nature” in a mixed formula. Such a complete western bathroom in a small space.

Graceful western bathroom

Graceful western bathroom
Source: hug-fu.com

Create such an oasis in the middle of the jungle. The bathroom paints that statement right. The bathroom looks like a mix of old and new flavors. This is due to the wood category.

The shower area and the bathtub look modern. The washbasin, the wall lamp and the candle holder distinguish the vintage design. We derive the term “graceful western bath” from the articles.

The vivid flowers make the bathroom a bit lively amid the brownish hue that heavily envelops the bathroom.

Efficient western bathroom

Efficient western bathroom
Source: oaklodgepa.com

Unlike the previous examples, the bathroom looks attractive because of the design. In order to optimize the narrow space, the bathroom is divided into the design. The bathroom corner serves as a shower area.

There is the wooden wall that acts as a partition with the bathtub. The shower area thus appears secluded. The bathtub, shower area and wash basin are located in the narrow area.

The bathroom chooses the wood category which is very light to the touch. The windows and the mirror make the bathroom a bit more spacious.

Cool western bathroom

Cool western bathroom
Source: publicdomainpictures.net

A western style bathroom requires careful decoration so that the area doesn’t look particularly rustic. The example does this job very well. The bathroom chooses the type of wood that feels old and young at the same time.

The example shows that a western bathroom model needs to be modified. The bathroom wall reminds us of a studio-like camera that we often see on TV channels. The bathtub and the chair represent vintage design.

The window craft also looks classic and beautiful. The cabinet and the washbasin set the modern accents. So creative!

Simple western bathroom

Simple western bathroom
Source: pixelarttutorial.com

This is an affordable western style bathroom model that you can practice on. The bathroom chooses the type of wood that looks cheaper compared to the previous examples.

The bathroom places the partition that separates the shower area from the sink. Although the bathroom takes up little space, the bathroom looks complete with the sink and storage space.

Overall, the bathroom feels calm with the bold brownish hue and the faint rays of the lamp.

Small western bathroom

Small western bathroom
Source: pixel.changeofheartbook.com

For example, we are interested in the trunks because they look light and strong. That makes the bathroom very solid despite the small footprint. The trunks make up the ceiling and wall of the bathroom.

The bathroom contains the cabinet and the sink. The window allows natural light and air to enter the bathroom. The bathroom chooses the simple furnishing style.

You can store bathroom accessories and have your make-up done in the simple washstand.

Charming western bathroom

Charming western bathroom
Source: bercovitzdesign.com

We call the logs and boards the logs processed. The choice makes the bathroom look a bit modern. But the bathroom looks a bit dark with the faint rays of the lamps.

The bathroom has a high ceiling. This leads to good air circulation in the area. While the bathroom chooses the vintage style for the style of decoration. You can examine the design by looking at the vanity and cabinet designs.

The mix of brown and red makes the bathroom a charming one.

Fancy western bathrooms

Fancy western bathrooms
Source: gestablishment.com

Another bright western bathroom to experiment with. The key is in the type of wood. The wood category is cheaper and widely used in hardware stores.

The type of wood allows you to use the bathroom model at a low price compared to the type of wood in the first point. Interestingly, the bathroom places classic decorations.

In the corner of the bathroom there is a unique table that looks antique. You may need to hunt the item at a flea market. The bathroom rotates a little more with the window style. While the bathroom chooses the modern washbasin for the basics.

Do you have any of our 10 western bathroom ideas that suits your needs and budget?