Vintage accents for home decor

Vintage accents for home decor

With all the minimalism, contemporary decor, and modern spaces, we’ve forgotten about vintage and shabby chic styles that were super hot a few years ago. But what goes around, gets around—especially when it comes to home decor trends! A nod to vintage and traditional details this year – things like twisted legs, spindles, 19th and early 20th century furniture are all the rage!

This trend is all about adding a statement or two vintage piece or two that will bring timeless elegance and beauty to your decor – you know that contrasting elements of style are very popular. Avoid vintage looks as they go completely out of trend and forget about shabby chic. Such an idea is an easy way to make a statement with furniture, get a trendy yet timeless look and make your interior more beautiful. Need ideas for those vintage accents? Dive in!

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture is the first idea that comes to mind when reading about vintage accents. It can be a sofa, chair, kitchen island, table, desk or any other piece of furniture you need and it will add ultimate elegance to any room. If your part is looking a little shabby, just refurbish it to make it bolder and brighter. Change the upholstery, repaint, etc. There are many tutorials that can help you.

Other accents

What other accents can you rock? First and foremost vintage chandeliers, which are very trendy anyway and can be used with any style and in any space, from the bathroom to the living room. Second, it can be an appliance like a stove or fireplace, bathtub or sink that looks vintage. Thirdly, you can go with different types of accessories and decorations like mirrors, artworks and so on. Get inspiration from many ideas we have prepared for you and get your pin button ready! Tipmant Antique Vintage Tin Metal Truck Home Decor. |  Interior design ideas, home decoration photos and.
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