Living Room Window Ideas

Living Room Window Ideas

Living room window ideas

WINDOW ROOM WINDOW IDEAS – Windows are an integral part of a living room. It lets fresh air and natural light into the area that benefits people in it. Small or large living room windows must be on the top list of your planned living room.

A well-ventilated living room helps homeowners feel healthy because their lungs can take in natural air. A modern living environment now offers us various window ideas that take the window class to the next level. A window can now beautify a living room.

Double folded living room window

Double folded living room window.  Source:

A two-part living room window is one of the most common window styles that we often find in households. This type of window is easy to install and maintain. There are many different types of folding windows.

You can try to see the double fold window style with the end opening like in the picture. By dividing the double-folded window into squares in the photo, the overall window looks beautiful. Typically, a double-folded window is covered with curtains from below.

Living room window

Living room window

The grand piano only looks natural and simple with glass. As the picture shows, the wing remains unchanged day and night. Hence, the main purpose of the window type is to let in natural light and allow you to look outside.

Make sure the grand piano size fits nicely into your entire living room. A large grand piano, as seen here, goes very well with the white color of the living room. The casement window helps family members feel calm or relax while studying.

Living room in the style of a window factory

Living room in the style of a window factory.  Source:

If you have a lot of space for a living room, consider installing the factory window (see photo). This is particularly suitable for the living room with a high ceiling. The model of the window factory extends almost from the ceiling to the floor.

Choose square shapes for the window style with no curtains or blinds. Optimal light can penetrate the area with a wide view and keep your eyes entertained. What you are considering is cleaning given the size.

Slide and pull living room window

Slide and pull living room window.  Source:

The push-and-pull window model goes well with different living room looks. Modern or vintage, this window style gives the room a fresh touch. Drag the window to open it and press to close it.

It should be noted that this window model sometimes cannot be opened wide. It depends on the puller. This will not allow much fresh air to get into the stain, but it will retain an abundance of natural light.

Some prefer not to cover the window model with curtains.

Living room with hardwood shutters

Living room with hardwood bay window.  Source:

The fifth part of the entire living room window ideas invites you to use hardwood instead of metal. The window is designed based on the walls of the living room that can be seen here, which appear curvy. As a result, the window has the bay design.

The hardwood brings the natural element into the living room. The window style lets fresh air and light in and out of the room. You have a choice of how much air and light to get into the area. Light or dark, adjust the window as needed.

Window and door of the living room

Window and door of the living room

In many modern or contemporary homes, a window can also serve as a door to a living room. Or you can also call the door a glass door as shown in the picture. This style adds transparency elements for the area in addition to the windows installed in walls.

This relieves the area, especially if some ventilation windows are installed here. The sixth window design helps homeowners know who is knocking on the door without their knowing.

Fresh air can also enter through this window shape.

Vertical living room windows

Vertical windows in the living room

Color some living room walls with some vertical windows as seen in the picture. This is an alternative to the window pane that we will discuss later. This type of window looks beautiful, with sheer curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor of the area.

With four vertically shaped windows, the fresh air finds many ways into the living room. This helps whole family members breathe natural air and wind without constantly switching the air conditioner.

Since natural light enters the room through the windows, you can save electricity costs at the same time.

Living room with window pane

Living room with window pane

The eighth of the 10 living room window ideas gives you another way to get some fresh air, light and now a nice view from the living room. The window pane actually acts as a wall for an area. This type of window allows you to enjoy the panorama.

The photo here best describes the additional role of the window pane. In the room, you can easily experience a calm feeling while looking out at the blue sea and the green island beyond.

Complement the window pane with thick curtains that work best during the day.

Living room with large windows

Living room with large windows

Usually large windows will fit in the best large area. Natural air and light can optimally penetrate through large windows and leave a living room. In the picture, the living room looks very airy. The design makes everyone feel relieved.

You can either cover the large windows with curtains or not. If not, you can see what is going on outside the room day and night through the large windows. You can protect privacy from passers-by with curtains.

Window with wooden blinds in the living room

Window with wooden blinds in the living room

While previous ideas for living room windows included curtains, this time around we recommend wooden blinds. In addition to their typical use in offices or buildings, the window covers can also be installed in houses or apartments.

The double-sided window and a long, vertically shaped window are popular models with wooden blinds. This window model and the blinds are strongly associated with the modern and minimalist overall look of the living room.

These are our living room window ideas and you can choose one that suits your room size, budget and decoration needs. Consult with professionals, especially for window models that require a lot of space, such as B. Window panes and factory windows. This is due to their careful and intricate installation compared to other styles.