Open Layout Decorate Ideas

We’ve outlined just a few ways to get your open layout right. But how do you decorate it? Today we are going to continue discussing open plan layouts and consider some smart decorating ideas that are sure to make your space cooler as decorating a room is no less important than planning.


Any open layout should have a focal point for a bold and chic statement in decor. Almost all open floor plans include dining, living, and kitchen areas. The most popular focal point is a fireplace. Dressed up strikingly with a fireplace: with dark wood, black marble, concrete or bold tiles, and it will stand out in the living room. Another idea is statement furniture that works really well in dark or neutral spaces. Choose a piece of furniture in a specific color and texture and decorate your room with it. It can be a sofa, chair, kitchen wall, bench or any other object.

colors and textures

Tie your open layout together with the same colors and textures in each corner to create a single flow throughout the room. Sharing the parts of the open layout is important, but unifying it is no less important and it’s easy: just add the same textures and colors to each part. Choose an accent color or two that will make your open layout stand out. The accents can be set with cushions, pillows, upholstery, curtains, carpets, lamps and all kinds of accessories. Just don’t rock too many of them.


Any open layout, like any other space, needs proper decor and here you can use whatever features and ideas you like. Potted plants of all kinds, leather furniture and accessories, boho rugs and faux fur, wicker and artwork, colorful accents – anything you like is welcome! Liven up your open layout, beautify it with color and make it cozy.

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