Unusual functional bedside tables

Unusual functional bedside tables

A bedside table is a must for any bedroom, where you can store some small items that you may need right before and after you fall asleep. But usual bedside tables are boring. If you want to add personality to the interior, it is better to rock something special. We’ve already shared some really unusual bedside tables, but today we’re going to show you some not only unusual but functional items that work.

The most popular and atypical bedside tables are suitcases, trunks and ladders, as they all have ample storage space. Suitcases and suitcases provide hidden storage space, and ladders give you open storage space, enough for small and not just items. All of them can be built by yourself or at least renovated from existing items, which is another advantage. Now let’s look at some examples to help you choose.

Suitcase bedside tables

Vintage suitcases can be transformed into many pieces, including bedside tables. Just renovate the case – reupholster it or repaint it and get on some legs or straight on the floor and voila. When one suitcase isn’t enough, make a cool stack of suitcases by clipping them together or not. The big advantage of such a bedside table is a lot of storage space, and you can easily make such a piece – there are many DIY projects for that.

trunk bedside tables

Vintage suitcases are also a great idea for a bedside table and are sure to add character to your bedroom. Find a vintage piece and alter it if you like or leave it as is and put it by your bed – voila! Such an item also has a lot of storage space, which is a very practical idea.

head of the bedside tables

An old ladder is a great piece to turn into a bedside table. If you have an old piece on hand, just repaint it and put it next to your bed or leave it shabby as is. A ladder has a lot of open storage space and there are different parts from big to small. You can make them look whatever you want. There are metal and wooden ladders, choose what you like and use it to decorate your room.