Unique kitchen island designs

Unique kitchen island designs

A kitchen island is a part that is necessary for cooking. It is very important that it is convenient to use, and this part can rock your kitchen! A kitchen island that differs from the rest of the furniture in texture, color, pattern or style would add an accent and make the room original. Here are some ideas for your kitchen: go for a different style, find a shabby chic or vintage piece and put it in a minimalist kitchen – it will rock! An unusual shape is also cool to make the island stand out, as is a different material – for example, a wooden kitchen with a metal island would look cool. Check out some ideas below and play with contrasts!

Unique wooden kitchen islands

Wood is the most popular material for making a kitchen island. Such a piece can be accented and decorated in various ways to make it unique. You can apply mosaic, paint it bright, swap out the countertop for a concrete or stone slab, add plenty of storage space, and even add an extra dining room made of a different material. Play with shapes: choose a very slim kitchen island for a narrow kitchen, or a curved or asymmetric piece to make a statement with your lines. A wooden countertop with a living edge is a trendy idea to add a natural touch to the room, and a vintage dresser, table or cutting board built right into the countertop is a unique idea. Choose the ideas you like and mix and match some to create an amazing look.

Other unique kitchen islands

Other materials typically used to build kitchen islands are metal, concrete, and stone. You can choose one of them or combine them all into one. Use these materials, play with sculptural shapes or use bold geometry, go extra slim or add bold colors. There are so many ways to create a unique piece for your kitchen. Let yourself be inspired!

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