Fairy lights in the kitchen

String lights are a great idea for making the room welcoming, welcoming and inspiring, warming it up and giving that holiday feeling even when the holidays aren’t on. They are very reasonably priced and come in many shapes and forms, so you can easily find an option for any interior. Decorating with non-holiday fairy lights is popular and creates instant coziness. While the kitchen is usually cozy, adding something extra never hurts the space. Ready to see some ideas? Here you are!


The most popular idea is to frame or hang some fairy lights in the window – choose the shape and look of the lights that suit your space. You can frame the entire window, or the window and some cabinets next to it, or a shelf by the window if you have one, or hang string lights vertically right in the window to make them look cozy both outside and inside. You can also incorporate fairy lights in sheer curtains if you have one and if you have a breakfast nook by the window these will also be highlighted by the lights.


Mark the entrance to the kitchen with fairy lights – this is not only a nice and fun touch, but also a great idea for open spaces or rooms without doors. Lights visually separate the rooms.


Highlight the closets with fairy lights: attach them at the top, bottom or around. Such an idea easily transforms an ordinary cabinet into a stylish display, and placing the lights down illuminates the cooking surface below. Light chains along the cupboards create a mood and atmosphere in the kitchen. I think that’s a great idea.

Other ideas

Cover exposed wooden beams with fairy lights to highlight them and make the space cozier. Hang the fairy lights above the breakfast or dining area to make them stand out, or hang the fairy lights on a shelf or shelves if you have one. There are many configurations and looks, different shades of light for each room. Just choose your room and make it cuter!

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