Industrial chic kitchens

The Marchi Cucine factory presented a Gustoitaliano collection that included two industrial style kitchens: BRERA 76 and LAB 40 with cool textures of wood, glass, metal and concrete.

BRERA 76 is a balanced combination of aged wood, steel and concrete with distinctive features of the industry. Metal handles on the cabinets, concrete countertops with integrated sinks and drain surfaces, a ceramic tile backsplash with a geometric pattern look bold and cool, adding to the industrial chic. The outer door of the built-in refrigerator is made of reclaimed wood, the unique texture and color of which add a special charm to the kitchen. BRERA 76 is available in white, red and graphite.

Impeccable looks and ergonomics make the LAB40 kitchen a real gem in any home. The main advantages are the unique design, impeccable workmanship and functionality with incredible comfort. The color palette of LAB 40 includes 13 colors. The new kitchen is based on traditions, using high quality and environmentally friendly materials, modern appliances and the latest technological developments. The kitchen has a variety of accessories and numerous drawers and cabinets made of natural wood with an aged effect. Some items are made by hand, making the kitchen unique and exclusive.

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