Strip lighting in the main decor

Strip lighting in the main decor

Strip lighting is a cool way to add extra light to your space without using too many lamps or chandeliers and give the interior a contemporary feel. Thanks to the flexible LED strips that come on rolls, you can use the strip lighting almost anywhere and there are many different colors to try. Here are some ideas to make your home stand out and add functionality with strip lighting.


Adding light strips around stairs is as stylish as it is functional. You can incorporate strip lighting into the steps, between the steps, under each step, along the stairs or even into the railing. This way you don’t have to turn on a light to use the stairs in the evening and you can accent your super cool staircase with lights – especially on a floating staircase. If you want a more creative, artistic space, you can use the same style with colored light bands. Don’t forget that it works outdoors too. If you have steps there, feel free to highlight them!

cabinets and shelves

Place your light strips hidden under the cabinets in the kitchen, study and bathroom. They create a cozy ambience while giving the room an edge. Place strips of light in closets and closets to see what’s inside even when there’s little light and to make your clothes and shoes stand out. Such an idea makes it much easier to find what you need.

Another function that is as functional as it is stylish is to put them on the shelves. You can easily highlight what’s on the shelf. You can draw attention to this zone or add open shelving above the desk to add some light to the workspace.

Other ideas

You can also install strip lighting in the headboard, under the bed, above the bed in the ceiling – all these ideas will add a special touch to your bedroom and make it bolder. Integrate strip lighting into ceilings or grab a lighted mirror and enjoy!